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Concentrate on your body's preparation and recovery routine in total control. The Pulseroll accelerate mat provides a soft comfortable and luxurious experience combined with durability, stability and active moisture management to ensure that you are focused.

Accelerate Mat | Description

The Pulseroll Accelerate Mat has been designed to provide you with a cushioned and comfortable experience without the loss of durability and grip. Feel protected with a 4mm foam layer base incorporating a 360 rectangle anti-slip surface to keep you stable. The 1mm micro-hole natural rubber top surface provides shock absorption to protect your joints and a moisture management system to prevent you from losing balance.

Feel centred, balanced and in control with the yoga line guidance system to help you smash the utthita parsvakonasana or even the Vasisthasana pose

All designed to help you enjoy your preparation and recovery routine whilst protecting the planet.

Accelerate Mat | Materials, Care, Dimensions


  • Surface: 40% Natural rubber | 47% Calcium Carbonate | 13% Bonding fibre
  • Core: 80% Polyurethane | 20% Bonding & Nylon fibre
  • Not suitable for consumers with a rubber allergy
  • 1mm Natural rubber surface
  • Micro-hole moisture management surface
  • Laser engraved Yoga Asana guidance
  • 4mm Foam core
  • 360 degree rectangular anti-slip grip contact surfacepulseroll accelerate mat close upblack accelerate mat detail

Care & Cleaning

  • Due to the Natural rubber materials used within this product, there may be a slight odour when first used. This will odour will dissipate after a few uses.
  • Alternatively, we recommend that you leave the mat out, unrolled in the fresh air.
  • Simply use a damp cloth or antibacterial spray/wipe to clean the surface area after use.
  • Always allow the surface to dry after cleaning especially before rolling and storing in the case provided.
  • Store in case provided and keep away from extreme temperatures.
  • Do not use harsh cleaning substances or items containing tea tree essence.
  • Do not leave in direct sunlight


  • Size: Length 183cm x Width 68cm (Length 72inch x Width 27inch)
  • Thickness: 5mm (0.19 inch)
  • Mat Weight: 3.1kg
  • Bag size: Diameter 14.5cm x Length 72cm (6inch x 28inch)
  • Bag Weight: 0.1kg

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