At Pulseroll, our mission is to help build a happier, healthier society. 

From elite athletes to weekend warriors, office workers to long-distance drivers, every single person benefits from exercise and movement, and by developing high-quality, affordable vibration massage products, we’re opening up the power of advanced recovery to everyone.

So, whether you’re pushing for a personal best in the gym, a gold at the Olympics, or you’re just trying to maintain your body against the stresses and strains of everyday life, our innovative products are an ideal part of a mindful lifestyle that promotes a healthy body, a healthy mind, and improved wellbeing for all. 

Pulseroll Products

Discover the full rage of Pulseroll products and see how they can work for you to reduce stress, alleviate tension, boost performance and aid recovery.

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Anthony Joshua

“Joining the Pulseroll family as an investor and ambassador is just the start. I’m always using these products - even when I’m not training, so I know first-hand how they help me, day to day.

More than anything, I'm excited to be able to play my part in developing the next generation of recovery technologies.”

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Pulseroll Partners

World-class teams, clubs and athletes at the very top of their game choose Pulseroll products to aid their preparation and recovery, giving them a competitive edge. Check our video to see how Leicester Tigers use Pulseroll products or click below to discover more of our amazing partners.

Find out why champions choose Pulseroll.

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If you'd like to know all about our products, from their incredible features to their amazing applications, we've created a series of helpful videos.

Each focuses on a different product and provides a comprehensive walkthrough so that you can compare and contrast, and really get know what makes each of our products so special.

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