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The Benefits of a Vibrating Peanut Ball - Pulseroll
benefits of foam rolling

The Benefits of a Vibrating Peanut Ball

You may be familiar with a peanut ball as a fitness ball in a gym, however, our vibrating peanut ball, or peanut roller, is for use post-work-out; to stimulate blood flow and as part of your muscle...

best vibrating massage ballFoam Roller Ball for Lats - Pulseroll

Foam Roller Ball for Lats

Spanning across part of the back, ribs, iliac crest and scapula, the latissimus dorsi (lats) is one of the widest muscles in the body. It plays a role in various actions and movements within the bo...

best vibrating massage ballVibrating Foam Roller for Hamstrings - Pulseroll

Vibrating Foam Roller for Hamstrings

Hamstrings can become tight during and after exercise, and this is an important muscle group which is integral to movements such as bending the knees, walking up and down stairs, running and extend...