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Foam Roller for Forearm Exercises

Foam Roller for Forearm Exercises - Pulseroll

Located between the wrist and elbow, the forearm muscles are sometimes neglected when it comes to beneficial foam rolling routines, despite the fact we use our arms throughout exercise. While you may think it’s only the biceps and triceps which take the strain during training, forearms are essential for flexion in the hands and wrists.

Benefits of using a foam roller include loosening tight muscles, alleviating soreness and improving range of motion, so using rollers on our forearms is essential for maximising upper body strength. Pulseroll’s range of ‘next generation’ vibrating foam rollers provide solutions for training and recovery on a deeper level than ever before.

In our expert video guide, find out how to use a vibrating foam roller on your forearm muscles, kneeling on an exercise mat to create the right support and pressure while covering each part of the forearm when rolling.

Watch the Pulseroll in action now.

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