Best Foam Roller for Runners! How Pulseroll Aids Recovery

Best Foam Roller for Runners! How Pulseroll Aids Recovery - Pulseroll

Whether you’re a marathon runner or just enjoy the casual jog, at some point you will have suffered from muscle soreness and fatigue, prompting you to ask yourself the question “what is the best foam roller for runners?”

You might not be the type to buy into all these gadgets athletes seem to be using these days, in a world full of Fit Bits and Thigh Masters it all seems a bit much. Flashback to 1987 when the first ever foam roller was created and used by physical Therapist, Sean Gallagher. He used this ground-breaking product in his clinic to provide clients with pain relief for sore muscles… which was great at the time but it’s safe to say we’ve progressed since the days of rolling around on a tube of plastic.

The Pulseroll vibrating foam rollers incorporate the latest technology and are highly useful products that can aid your recovery and therefore improve your running performance overall.

foam roller for runners

As foam rollers are scientifically proven to soften muscle tissue and increase blood flow, Pulserolls vibrating foam rollers add something a bit extra to really target the muscles without having to physically roll much at all; the vibrations do all the work! Using a foam roller doesn’t have to be so much effort!

The best foam roller for runners will completely change your outlook on mobility, stretching and recovery. It is perfect to use on the glutes and calves, but also try it under the feet to really work through the arches, helping with plantar fasciitis.

The benefits of foam rolling for runners can include:

  • Enhanced circulation and blood flow to the muscles
  • Reduction in stress hormones and inflammation
  • Better range of motion
  • Improved immune function
  • Relaxation
But try not to make these common foam roller mistakes:
  • Using it at the wrong time – before a hard race it will reduce muscle tension, also reducing ability to run fast.
  • Rolling an injury – this could increase inflammation and tension in the affected area, making it worse instead of better.
  • Rolling too quickly or too long – this might irritate the muscle further. You only need to spend 1 to 2 minutes per muscle.

Vibrating foam rollers can be a valuable part of a runner’s routine; using it to warm up and cool down as well as the obvious treatment for sore muscles.

If you’re unsure on how to use a foam roller, try these simple foam roller exercises:

  • Glutes – Start by laying down on a flat surface then raise your leg and place the foam roller right at the top of your leg. Then gently apply pressure to the desired area, leaning to the side as you do.

  • Calves – Sit on the floor with one ankle crossed over the other and place the foam roller underneath the calf. Gradually lean side to side while applying pressure, keeping your balance by placing both hands either side of your body.

  • Feet – You can also use the foam roller under your feet. Sit down in a chair and place the roller under your feet, letting the vibrations travel up your legs.

So with Pulseroll vibrating foam rollers being cost and time effective, easy to use, and they actually do the job, if you’re looking for the best foam roller for runners (and tips to help you use foam rollers effectively) we’ve got that covered.


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