IGNITE Bullet Aluminium Head

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Professional grade aluminium head designed to target key trigger points on the body and relief from muscular knots and tension.

For trigger point therapy, or advanced, localised deep muscle massage which also provides a cooling effect.


Intensity level 5.

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Aluminium scraper

Flushes lactic acid and metabolic by-products from muscles.

Impact level 5

Aluminium Bullet

Designed to target key trigger points on the body and relief from muscular knots

Impact level 5


Ignite your nerve endings with our unique soft touch tips designed to invigorate tired muscles, ideal for hands and feet

Impact level 1

Push blade

Especially effective on larger muscle groups such as thighs, quads and biceps.This head will help to stretch the muscles and release tension.

Impact level 4

Heat active

A flat aluminium surface delivers targeted heat to the muscles (45/55 degree)

Impact level 4

Bullet head

Ideal for muscle release. Designed to target specific smaller muscular knots and focused trigger points.

Impact level 5

Spinal head

Intended for the Trapezius muscle, but also effective for ankles & feet, and larger muscle groups like the calves and quadriceps

Impact level 5

Pneumatic head

The soft, squishy feel of the head is designed for managing more painful and sensitive muscles.

Impact level 2