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Why use a foam roller for deep tissue muscle massage

Why use a foam roller for deep tissue muscle massage - Pulseroll

Many people use foam rollers for a range of reasons. From a pre and post workout routine to wanting to ease general discomfort, foam rollers can be useful in many circumstances. However, do you know why so many people use foam rollers as a form of massage?

Keep reading this blog to learn all about using a foam roller for a deep tissue massage.

How does a foam roller work?

foam rolling feet

Regularly using a foam roller – especially a deep tissue massage roller – offers many of the same benefits as a sports massage, such as reduced inflammation and scar tissue, less joint stress, improved circulation, and improved flexibility.

Regularly foam rolling, both pre and post workout, will mean you will help to prepare your muscles for the workout ahead and this will also help with post muscle recovery. Once you start foam rolling, we guarantee you that you will wonder how you ever performed your workouts without it.

Once you start utilising a foam roller for a deep tissue muscle massage, you will really understand the benefits of foam rolling.

How a foam roller can be used for a deep tissue muscle massage

When you foam roll, you put targeted pressure on your fascia, releasing trigger points where you’re feeling pain. The process of foam rolling relieves pain caused by shin splints and IT band syndrome, both of which are very common in runners. More generally, foam rolling usually clears up problems caused by tight fascia and muscles.

Foam rolling helps release tension in the muscles and helps to improve flexibility and range of motion. The current theory is that the sustained pressure on the muscle signals the central nervous system to reduce tension, similar to the effect of a deep tissue massage. Releasing tension makes tight muscles more receptive to stretching. After foam rolling, you get about a 10-minute window of increased flexibility. That enhances stretching exercises and helps you move better in a workout.

If you spend extended periods of time sitting – whether it’s at a desk, in a car, or on an airplane – you’re probably no stranger to the stiffness and aches that accompany it. Sitting is an unnatural position that forces the muscles and joints to compress and tighten. The longer we hold that compressed position, the more tense and inflexible the myofascial tissue and muscles become. Foam rolling helps decompress and relax those stiff muscles back to their natural position and release the tense trigger points that built up in the fascia.

Pulseroll’s foam roller for deep tissue massage

This is where Pulseroll comes in! The Pulseroll vibrating foam roller is a fantastic substitute for a deep tissue massage. The vibrating technology used in the foam roller increases blood flow and releases lactic acid. It is through the use of vibration technology that our foam roller is able to penetrate the muscles further. The higher levels of vibration deliver a more intense deep tissue treatment for those muscle knots and trigger points that are really causing some pain.

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