Foam Roller Exercises for Hip Flexors

Foam Roller Exercises for Hip Flexors - Pulseroll
The hip flexors are a group of muscles located at the front of hips, connecting the legs, abdominal and pelvic areas. Important for providing both strength and flexibility, these muscles are involved in functions such as bending your waist and lifting the knees. However, when they experience stress during exercise, it can cause them to shorten, becoming tight, painful and limiting your range of motion. One of the easiest ways to effectively use a foam roller on your hip flexors is to use a vibrating peanut ball. Its unique shape helps to target the small area around the hips, creating a deeper massage which hits those all-important trigger points and knots, enhancing blood flow and loosening tight muscles. In our expert video guide, you’ll see the Pulseball in action, showing you where to place the vibrating foam roller, ideal rolling techniques and how to support yourself with both arms and legs. By using the roller under your body, it applies a greater pressure to the hip flexor muscles, maximising results. Watch the Pulseball in action now. Also find this post on our Google+ profile.

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