Calves Foam Roller Exercises You Need To Try!

Calves Foam Roller Exercises You Need To Try! - Pulseroll

The calf is such an important and complex muscle, and with these calves foam roller exercises they will always be in their best shape. Foam rolling is an extremely popular myofascial release method for athletes. It reduces next day soreness and helps massively with the recovery process.

The Pulseroll vibrating foam rollers use the latest technology to get deep into the muscle, flushing away lactic acid whilst providing the best massage you will ever experience.

foam roller for calves

That’s why foam rollers are the most important tool to aid your muscle recovery. So let’s get deeper into the calf muscle in particular. It is actually made up of three main parts.

  • Achilles tendon
  • The soleus
  • The gastrocnemius (don’t worry, I can’t pronounce it either)

Foam rolling calves before training will warm up the muscle, but don’t do it for too long as it can soften the muscle enough that it will actually slow your performance. It is better to foam roll afterwards, easing the tension and reducing soreness.

Try these calves foam rolling exercises.

Heel Achilles Release:

  • Place the vibrating foam roller just underneath the ankle with the leg stretched out.
  • Apply gradual pressure and let the vibrations travel up the calf.
  • You can gently flex and release at the ankle.

Calf Massage:

  • Place the foam roller underneath the calf, keeping the toes pointed upwards.
  • Apply pressure and gently roll front to back.
  • You can also place one ankle over the other, stretch the toes out, and lean side to side as you apply pressure down.

Roller Shin Release:

  • Begin on your hands and knees. Bring one knee up partly towards the chest and place the roller under the shin.
  • Apply light pressure and flex the toes up and down.
  • Using a vibrating foam roller, we suggest having this on the lightest speed setting.

Practising these calves foam roller exercises and making sure foam rolling is a significant part of your training routine, will help you obtain the best results when done consistently.


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