Pulseroll Massage Guns: Shoulder the Load No More

Shoulder pain can weigh you down, but Pulseroll massage guns offer targeted relief. Our percussion therapy reaches deep into the muscles of your shoulders and upper back, melting away tension and stiffness.

With customisable speed settings and interchangeable heads, you can personalise your massage to target those hard-to-reach knots and trigger points. Whether it's from poor posture, overuse, or injury, Pulseroll helps you loosen up and regain mobility.

Don't let shoulder pain hold you back. Discover the soothing power of Pulseroll today.


Trusted By Professionals

Scientifically Proven

- The Pulseroll gun increased range of motion by 14%. In some cases, ROM was observed to increase by as much as 22%.

- Selected study participants also received treatment from a standard foam roller for contrast. The Pulseroll Massage Gun was found to be, on average, 10% more effective.