Vibrating Foam Roller Exercises for the Triceps

Vibrating Foam Roller Exercises for the Triceps - Pulseroll
A major muscle in the upper arm, the triceps run between the shoulder and the elbow along the backs of the arms. The triceps work with the biceps to enable rotation and extension of the forearm, as well as stabilising the shoulder joint. If the triceps become too tight after physical activity, it can cause issues such as discomfort, limited range of motion and pain in other areas such as the elbows and shoulders. Therefore, it’s important to use a foam roller both before and after exercise to soften the muscle tissue and aid performance and recovery. But what’s the best technique and positioning for foam rolling? Take a look at this expert video guide which shows you how to use a vibrating foam roller on the triceps muscles. You’ll see how to support yourself using your legs and other arm while applying pressure and movement on top of the roller.