Run A Marathon With Pulseroll

Run A Marathon With Pulseroll - Pulseroll

Despite the chilly weather, many of us are training hard and hitting the road in preparation for the marathons 2019 has to offer. Whether it’s your first time or you’re looking to set a new personal record, training for a marathon is a long yet rewarding process, and we’re here to help you to the finish line with our vibration recovery.

Completing 26.2 miles is an inspiring accomplishment that requires commitment and dedication. Although running a marathon is an exciting adventure, consistent training day-to-day can begin to take its toll, leaving you feeling demotivated and burned out.

Here are our top tips for staying healthy and avoiding injury.

The Starting Line

warming up for a run

Most training plans consist of 16 to 20 weeks of training; you’ll typically run three to five times a week, and your weekly mileage total will gradually increase as you get closer to race day.

If you’re wondering whether you’re ready to run a marathon, Runner’s World recommend that you have a base of a minimum of three to six months’ worth of running four times per week. You should be able to comfortably complete a run of six miles. And you should run a few 5K races at the very minimum.

What To Expect

Your body needs to become accustomed to running for long periods of time, and so newer runners may start with 15 to 20 miles a week and gradually build to a peak of 35 to 40 miles.

It’s important that you remember to take it steady and run at a conversational pace that gradually increases in distance to build your strength and endurance.

Here is our beginners guide to marathon preparation. We also have a helpful post on how to run for longer and faster each time.

Pulseroll Essentials

Spending so much time on your feet inevitably effects your muscles, leaving them feeling extremely tender and sore. However, if you implement a successful recovery routine into your marathon training, your muscles and joints will only strengthen ready for the big race day.

Our vibration technology can help improve your training and recovery time, aid plantar fasciitis, prevent DOMS, and prepare your muscles for weeks of endurance.

With 4 vibration speed settings to choose from and a rechargeable battery, the Vibrating Foam Roller makes the perfect companion for marathon training.

You can also release knots and tension and reduce muscular pain with the Vibrating Peanut Roller, a lightweight and portable option for recovery on the go.

See our video on the technique for shin pain:

Stay Hydrated

Just 2 percent of dehydration can slow you down, so it’s extremely important that you drink enough before, during, and after your run to perform your best.

Before you hit the road, you should have six to eight ounces of water and while you are running, you should aim to take in three to six ounces every 15 to 20 minutes. Our handy 1 litre water bottle includes a fruit infuser and can double up as a protein shaker to boost your energy throughout your marathon training.

Pulseroll can help improve your recovery sessions and reduce next day soreness.