Roll out the science on Pulseroll’s products

Roll out the science on Pulseroll’s products - Pulseroll

Often, the most painful part of exercise comes after the workout itself and it is this pain that motivates people to turn to various techniques to relieve the pain and speed up the recovery process. It is because of this that the Pulseroll team dedicated themselves to creating the best muscle recovery products and that is why we are proud to say that our vibrating recovery products are the first of their kind in the UK!

Not only this, but our products are actually scientifically proven to be effective. Take a look into our scientific research to see the results for yourself.

massage gun

The study

Sunsport Coaching head exercise physiologist, Stuart Percival, organised a study using our vibrating foam roller and massage gun to find out the effects they really have on our body.

The way the muscle works after exercise is that the muscle itself uses more oxygenation after it’s damaged so it can’t function as well. This was factored into the scientific study meaning that in the Pulseroll test group, although oxygen requirements increased due to damage, the muscle still received more oxygen and recovered quicker than the control group.

In the control group, that didn’t have any recovery treatment, it was observed that the oxygen level recovery was much slower than those who had been treated with our products.

Through this study, it was identified that the vibrations in the products act on the local blood vessels allowing them to maintain a better blood flow, which brings in the correct levels of oxygen. This works in two ways: it helps speed up recovery from the damage and reduces the normal drop in performance we see after hard training. This indicates that this kind of treatment could allow athletes to return to high levels of intense training faster.

The results

vibrating foam roller study results

Following the study that was undertaken on the Pulseroll product range, it was found that there was an approximate 15-20% increase in flexibility in all participants, after only 3 minutes of therapy. It was also found that in an additional 2 people, they experienced over 30% increase in flexibility!

Using the Pulseroll vibrating foam roller once per day for just 5 minutes on the target muscle is enough to speed up recovery. Our vibrating foam rollers have been scientifically validated to increase blood flow and oxygen within the muscle and this has been shown to reduce the effects of DOMS.

Our new Pulseroll massage gun is currently being rigorously tested in the real world. We are currently looking at how it improves range of motion/flexibility. What we have found is that with only 3 minutes of percussive therapy with the Pulseroll massage gun, there has been significant improvements in range of motion which lasted up to 24 hours.

Massage gun vs standard foam rollers

We were really excited to find out that when the standard (non-vibrating) foam rollers were compared to our massage gun, there was a significantly bigger increase in range of motion with the massage gun than the foam roller in almost every case. In some instances, there was over 20% greater increase in flexibility with the massage gun than with a standard foam roller.


When we asked Stuart Percival to explain the significance of the massage gun compared to a normal foam roller, and this is what he had to say:

“We were impressed with how effective the treatment actually was with such a short application of only 3 minutes. It’s a great tool for athletes, health and fitness enthusiasts, and older people who might be struggling with some stiffness or lack of mobility.”

Read the full study over in the science section of our blog.