Dance With Pulseroll: Enhance Your Recovery

Dance With Pulseroll: Enhance Your Recovery - Pulseroll

Dance and Foam Rolling

Whether you’re immersed in the art of dance or a part-time shape buster, dancing is a whole lot of fun that can drastically improve your physical and mental health. With styles ranging from street all the way through to ballroom and even dancing on ice, it’s difficult to decide a favourite.

However, dance can take a toll on our bodies. Intense routines, complex moves, and failing to stretch correctly often result in muscle soreness and injuries.

Thankfully, we have revolutionised recovery with our vibration technology. No matter your skill level, Pulseroll is a dancer’s best friend. Here’s why.

Preventing Injury

Due to the repetitive nature of dance, you will find that your muscles tighten over time, causing adhesions in your body’s connective tissue. This is where Pulseroll comes in; self-myofascial release with a Vibrating Foam Roller or Vibrating Peanut Roller allows your muscles to work at their best to prevent injury.

It’s vital that you always implement SMR into your fitness regimen even if your muscles don’t feel tight. Roll out before dance class– the clever vibrations promote blood flow to the muscles and iron out any knots you may have.

foam rolling for dancers

Faster Recovery

For the larger muscle groups such as the thighs, IT bands, hip flexors, and calves, the Vibrating Foam Roller is a fantastic pain reliever. The 4 intensity settings provide a deeper tissue massage and break down tension for a speedy recovery.

The Vibrating Peanut Roller can help you reach the smaller muscle groups like the feet, glutes, and calves. Choose from the 4 vibration settings to target trigger points and reduce DOMS; you’ll be back on the dancefloor in no time!

Check out the rest of our blog to find the best techniques for each muscle group.

vibrating foam roller for dancing

Improved Flexibility

Having tight muscles can make routines uncomfortable, prohibiting you from fully flexing your foot or extending the arms.

Using the Vibrating Foam Roller can enhance flexibility to help you execute that all important move you’ve been perfecting for weeks. Use the roller before rehearsals to increase blood flow, improve circulation, and strengthen the muscles for enhanced flexibility.

Portable Relief

Dancers are always on the move, which is why we’ve made our recovery tools portable and lightweight! Whether you’re practicing at home, in the studios, or out on the street, bring your Pulseroll along to prevent injury. There’s no need to worry about it running out of juice either thanks to the 3-hour rechargeable battery!

Discover the benefits of vibration recovery today and make an investment in your health and wellbeing. Dance the night away with Pulseroll – we love seeing you using our products so make sure to tag us in your photos using #MyPulseroll to get featured!