Which Pulseroll product is the one for you?

Which Pulseroll product is the one for you? - Pulseroll

It’s so important to look after your muscles on a daily basis. When your muscles are healthy, this can make every day life a lot easier without having restricted movements or feeling muscle pain. It also means you’ll be less prone to injury and should have better performance during exercise.

Check out our full guide on which Pulseroll recovery tool is best suited to you based on your area and level of pain.

All Pulseroll products have the following benefits:

  • Increase flexibility
  • Improve circulation
  • Ease muscle soreness
  • Improve range of motion
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Decrease risk of muscle related injury

Massage Gun

massage gun

A massage gun uses strong pulses to get deep into the muscle. This product comes with 6 different attachments and 4 speed settings so is fully customisable to each person's needs. It can work well on any muscle on the body, particularly the back and shoulders.

A massage gun is a good all rounder to target any muscle and it focuses on smaller areas and trigger points. It may be a little bit difficult to use on your own and you may need a helping hand.

Vibrating Foam Roller

vibrating foam roller

The vibrating foam roller is most effective when used on the lower body. It can be used on any of the muscles in the leg, but is only big enough to fit one leg at a time. It can also be used on the upper body but this may be more difficult to get into a comfortable position.

It has 4 speed settings which means you can choose a vibration intensity that suits you and your specific pain level.

Pro Massage Roller

pro massage roller

The pro massage roller is the largest and most powerful Pulseroll product with 5 speed settings.

It is best suited to the lower body as you can place both legs on it at the same time. It is great for larger muscle areas such as the upper back as it can reach across the width of the shoulders. It can target large muscles in one go, compared to the massage gun which targets smaller trigger points and areas of pain.

Vibrating Peanut Roller

vibrating peanut roller

The vibrating peanut roller uses its unique shape to target those hard to reach areas.

It can be used comfortably under the feet, calves, glutes and hip flexors. It’s shape helps it to fit perfectly around the muscle. It can also be held in one hand and placed directly onto the muscle, which works well on the various arm muscles and top of the shoulders.

Vibrating massage ball

vibrating massage ball

The vibrating massage ball is similar to the peanut as it is used to target hard to reach areas. It can be used under the feet or even on the palm of the hands. It can be a little bit difficult or uncomfortable to actually roll on but it works really well when held in one hand and pressure is applied when placed onto various muscles.

It works in a similar way to the massage gun as it targets smaller areas, but it is a lot less harsh on the muscle as the massage gun can be quite strong.