Vibrating Foam Roller Ball for Shoulder Muscles

Vibrating Foam Roller Ball for Shoulder Muscles - Pulseroll
The shoulders encompass several groups of muscles, including posterior (back), anterior (front) and lateral (side) areas. Any exercises which involve the upper body can cause both tightness and possible injury to these muscles, so it’s important to foam roll both before and after training. Effectively using a vibrating foam roller on your shoulder muscles not only aids recovery by softening connective tissue but also improves performance by aiding flexibility and range of motion. This can help prevent sports injuries and reduce recovery times after training. To help achieve a deeper massage to those stubborn knots and trigger points, use a peanut-shaped roller. In this expert video guide, we show you how to use a vibrating foam roller ball on the front of the shoulder muscles. Take a look to see correct positioning and technique, using the legs and arms for support while rolling across the Pulseball for added pressure.