The Benefits of a Vibrating Peanut Ball

The Benefits of a Vibrating Peanut Ball - Pulseroll

You may be familiar with a peanut ball as a fitness ball in a gym, however, our vibrating peanut ball, or peanut roller, is for use post-work-out; to stimulate blood flow and as part of your muscle recovery equipment.

If you find your recovery from a work-out blighted by lactic acid and tension, or you suffer from soreness the next day, read on to find out how the vibrating peanut roller benefits sports men and women in pushing themselves beyond previous limits and in reducing pain.

vibrating peanut roller benefits

How does a peanut ball work?

The peanut ball works like most deep tissue sports massage, but with added benefits. It is designed to manipulate deeper layers of muscle and the surrounding connecting tissue. This motion creates a vacuum behind the massage stroke, which is especially important in tight or damaged muscle tissue because a tight muscle will contract, depriving the tissues of vital nutrients, oxygen and therefore energy to repair.

Any kind of massage increases blood flow to tissues, however, the reason for Pulseroll’s being the best vibrating massage ball on the market is that the rolling effect of the peanut ball opens the blood vessels, enabling nutrients to pass through more easily and lactic acid to be more efficiently disposed of.

What are the main vibrating peanut ball benefits?

vibrating peanut roller for feet

  • Portable and lightweight, so that you can use it as part of your muscle recovery equipment at the gym, trackside, at home or even on an aeroplane.
  • Variable vibration settings. The 4 speed settings mean that you can adjust the massage level to suit your requirements - whether you are easing an injury and want a gentle massage, or want to go to the highest level for fast release of knots.
  • Increases blood flow – for quicker recovery and the reduction of lactic acid, enabling you to go further and recover more quickly.
  • Deep tissue massage as an alternative to physio and sports massage, saving you time and money.
  • Reduces next day soreness – allowing you to get on with your normal life without stiffness, or back to the gym for your next workout.
  • The unique peanut shape means it can work deeper into the musculature than a standard vibrating roller.

Why is Pulseroll’s the best vibrating peanut roller?

As one of the best quality products on the market, our vibrating peanut roller is made from durable, lightweight materials with a lithium battery providing a 3-hour charge. It has approval from physios and pro athletes as a key piece of muscle recovery equipment, whether you are training for a run, looking for marginal gains as an athlete, or are simply looking to ease an existing muscular pain or injury.

Pulseroll’s vibrating peanut ball benefits a range of people, from top athletes to those with old injuries. If you want to see how it could work for you, take a look at our site and see how this outstanding muscle recovery equipment has helped others.