How to Use a Foam Roller

How to Use a Foam Roller - Pulseroll

Knowing how to use a foam roller correctly can completely change your recovery routine. You may be thinking how hard could it be? Just lay on a foam roller, and roll? Right? Technically yes. But if you want to get the best results then you really should apply the correct technique. It’s also important to not only feel the benefits but also to avoid injury.

Foam rolling has become a popular part of an athlete’s recovery routine, but it is also on the rise with people of all fitness levels, those with general aches and pains, as well as the elderly with long standing muscular issues.

It works as a way of self-myofascial release. (Fascia is the thin tissue that connects the muscles in our body.) Without going too far into the science of things, foam rolling basically softens the muscle tissue, eases inflammation and increase blood flow to the muscles. Oxygenated muscles are healthy muscles!

using a foam roller

How to Foam Roll

It’s important to know that you shouldn’t use a foam roller directly over the spine or on any joints, only directly on the muscle.

Start by placing the roller under your targeted muscle. You should always roll from comfort to discomfort, meaning start in a less painful area and roll towards the more painful spot, otherwise known as a trigger point. Rolling at a slower pace gives you more control over the roller on the area you are targeting.

Remember to use your hands and arms to support yourself when needed. With the Pulseroll vibrating foam roller you don’t actually have to roll so much, if at all. The technique is to apply pressure, roll slightly, and let the vibrations work their magic. You can gently lean from side to side, or roll back and forth over trigger points and this gets deeper into the muscle than traditional foam rollers. For more precise areas try the Pulseroll single ball to really get into the tight spots!

We have put together 10 exercises you can do using our vibration training equipment. We have also detailed the benefits a foam roller can provide you with.

Top tip: Drink plenty of water after foam rolling! It’s important to stay hydrated!

Now you know how to use a foam roller, have a go with Pulseroll and see the benefits!