Ankle Strengthening Exercises for Runners! A Guide for Better Performance

Ankle Strengthening Exercises for Runners! A Guide for Better Performance

Strength training is the pillar of any endurance sport, giving you the power to push through, which is why these ankle strengthening exercises for runners will change your running performance for the better!


With the feet and ankles being absolutely vital for running, it’s so important to keep them strong to avoid injuries. Especially for long-distance runners, where the terrain might be subject to rocks and twigs ready to trip your up at any given moment.

strengthen ankles and feet


There is absolutely nothing worse than pushing yourself to the max on a long run and suddenly your ankle gives out from underneath you. Disaster! The dreaded twisted ankle ruining your journey and possibly holding you back from running again for a little while.


But don’t worry, follow these easy techniques and you’ll never have to face this agony again. The best ankle strengthening exercises you can do will combine balance with strength training, therefore providing more support and reducing the possibility of injury.


Foot and ankle strengthening exercises for runners that will change your life:

  • Balancing on a wobble board or BOSU ball. Stand on one foot at a time, start with 20 seconds each foot then try to go for longer each time you do it.
  • Strengthen your calves. Your calf helps stabilise your ankle, so it only makes sense to work on these too. Try doing calf raises whenever you’re stood in one place for a while, for example when you’re brushing your teeth, stand on your toes and slowly lift your heels up and down.
  • Practice the crane game. Place small objects on the floor and using only your toes, pick up the objects one at a time and place inside a cup. You can even make it into a competition if you like.
  • Placing a foam roller under your feet. Sit up straight in a chair and place your foam roller under your feet. Gently roll back and forth letting the vibrations do all the work travelling up the arches.
  • Foam roll your soleus muscle. Place your Pulseroll vibrating peanut roller just under your ankle where it meets the calf. Put one foot over the other and apply pressure to let the vibrations work their magic. You can gently roll back and forth.



So what is the best foam roller? Try out the Pulseroll vibrating foam rollers to help warm up before a long run, and cool down the muscles afterwards. Focus specifically on the calves, hamstrings and feet.