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Be one of the very first in the UK to bring this cutting edge product to your clients that will enhance their health and well being and make you stand out from the crowd as a leading professional.

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Offer a unique experience that your 1-to-1 and group classes will love and thank you for with a product that sells itself and creates you another income stream, and best of all, we deliver your sales for you!

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Quickly and easily advance your understanding around self-myofascial release and how you can better teach your clients to accelerate their recovery and maintain physical fitness.

Is the Pulseroll just a fancy foam roller?

Foam rollers have found their ways into every gym, health club and physiotherapy room for a reason! Fitness professionals have learnt that releasing myofascial tissue has many benefits for the body.

Pulseroll is the evolution of the old foam roller, with scientific evidence showing positive effects mechanical vibration can have on fascia as well as balance, mobility and circulation.

Already proving hugely popular and successful across Europe and the US, you can become one of the first UK instructors to bring this innovation to your clients!

About PulseRoll Courses

You Are Being Taught By The UK's Best!

Pulseroll has invested heavily into research and development, working alongside the UK’s industry leading professionals, from physiotherapists, fitness presenters and class instructors, to experienced personal trainers as well as strength and conditioning coaches of the highest sporting levels.

You will benefit directly from learning from our hand-picked master trainers who will deliver to you an advanced but easy to understand course crafted from multiple leading experts so that can broaden your knowledge to a higher level that you can use to help more clients and generate more income and accelerating your career.

The Next Pulseroll Course Starts In

2018/04/07 09:00:00

Level 1 - Instructor Course

The Level 1 Pulseroll course is the entry course that every instructor must take. This course is required as pre-requisite for access to Level 2 and Level 3 courses.

Level 2 - Specialist Courses

Our Level 2 specialist courses allow professionals to craft their coaching skills for specific areas of expertise such as dance, various sports and different demographics.

Level 3 - Myofascial Meridians

An accessible and comprehensive approach to the anatomy and function of the fascial system overviewing myofascial therapy to affect posture and pain patterns.

Course Dates And Locations


Level 1 - Pulseroll™ Instructor Course.
7th April 2018 - Adidas HQ, Stockport (UK)

7th April 2018 - Stockport, Manchester (UK)

Places Available

Pulseroll Course FAQ's

Are there any pre-requisites?

Yes, the minimum requirements are Level 2 ETM or Level 2 Gym Instructor. PT’s, Fitness Professionals, Pilates and Yoga teachers, Medical Practitioners for example Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths and general Manual Therapists are all welcome on the course.

Are there any other ways for me to increase my income after I have done the training?

Yes. Once you have completed the Level 1 training you have an option to join our Affiliate Business Scheme for an annual fee of £49.00. One of the many benefits included in the BAS is making £10.00 from each person who uses your VIP code to purchase their Pulseroll. This will be explained more in-depth on the training day.

Do I receive a Pulseroll as part of my training course?

No. However you do have an option to purchase a Pulseroll at a discounted price.

Will there be follow up courses?

Yes. Upon completing Level 1 there will be Level 2 and Level 3 Advanced Pulseroll Practitioner. Or, you can jump onto our many add on specialist short courses – Pilates and Pulseroll, Pulseroll for Runners, Pulseroll to Improve Athletic Performance, Pulseroll for Golfers, Pulseroll for Dancers, Pulseroll for Spinal Conditions are just a few examples of the various add on short courses Pulseroll will be offering.

What do I need to wear and bring on the day?

Fitness wear, pen and paper to take notes. Drinks and lunch pack are recommended. Please check with the venue as lunch and drinks may be available.

Will I have to pay a license to teach Pulseroll?

No there is no license to pay.

If I purchase Pulserolls for my classes am I able to pay in instalments?

Yes! You can pay over a 4 month period then once payment is complete they will be sent out to you. This also allows you the time to plan and market your class.

How do I know you are the best training provider for my course?

Our Master Trainers are renown UK leading experts in their field and have all contributed to the creation of the Pulseroll Training offering you the very best training there is available in training with massage vibrating products.

Do you offer me support after I have done my training?

Yes. The Master Trainers are more than happy to support you and give you advise.

Will I have to do any pre-learning prior to training day?

No.  The Level 1 is the foundation level, all the content will be taught on the day.

What are the requirements to pass the level 1 Pulseroll Trainer Level 1 course?

There is no written or practical exam. You will be assessed throughout the day and a certification of attendance will be given upon completion of the whole training day.

Can I do the add on courses without attending the level 1 training?

No. The Level 1 training has to be attended prior to attending any add on Pulseroll training courses.

Become A Qualified Pulseroll Instructor!

Learn how to teach safely and effectively

Quickly and easily improve your knowledge and increase your income whilst helping your clients improve and get accelerated results with cutting edge training using the Pulseroll.