White Mini Massage Gun | Description

Ergonomically designed and lightweight to help reach any muscle group with any hand, the mighty mini delivers a compact percussion massage companion for those who live life on-the-go.  Utilising Pulserolls Quiet motion™ motor to deliver a noise free massage through 4 power levels, the mini provides an unparalleled massage experience.  The simple intuitive LED touch control panel can be activated easily and help you on your road to recovery anywhere, whilst the battery provides over 6 hours of life from one single charge to ensure you always have support.  

How to use:

Start by choosing one of the 4 available attachment heads that meet the needs of the massage you desire, then place the mini massage gun head on the muscle surface area and let the gun work its magic.  You can then proceed to move slowly around the muscle in a circular motion.

Use the intuitive control panel to increase your speed levels by pressing it with your finger to reach a comfortable massage experience.          

Massage gun head attachments         

The Mini gun is supplied with 4 portable & easy to clean interchangeable heads. Each head attachment provides a unique massage experience and can help boost your performance and well-being, helping you to get back on track 

Small round head – This provides a full body focused muscle massage with a softer feel to reach the deeper muscles.

Pneumatic head – This head is perfect for use on sensitive muscles. This head helps to manage those more painful areas.

Spinal head – This head is more specific in use and can be used for muscles around the spine but also for a dual trigger point massage.

Bullet head – This head attachment is for trigger point therapy and can be used for advanced localised deep muscle massage.