Pulseroll - Massage Guns for Runners

Running can be tough on the body, so we've designed Pulseroll products to help runners where they need it most.

For some, running is a hobby, for others, it's an obsession. Across city streets, along country roads and on the racetracks around the world, people run to maintain their bodies, to discover new places, to become a gold medallist. But runners need to take care of their body - from their feet, all the way up. We've designed specialised products (particularly our Vibrating Peanut Roller and Vibrating Massage Ball) to provide targeted massage for the body parts that take the most punishment. Our massage guns for runners are reviewed by professional athletes and are widely regarded as the top performing products in the market.

"The gun is really good... I have a cheaper one from Amazon, so I tried them out on the same area right after one another. You can definitely tell the difference between them. Due to how much better it is, I’ve been using it way more often..." Rob Beazley, The Running Bible

Before your feet hit the street, warm up with a Pulseroll Message Gun.

Nicola Allen running

Ambassador: Nicola Allen

Triathlon athlete Nicola Allen chooses Pulseroll products to help keep her body in peak shape. With multiple disciplines to excel in, it's about total body maintenance, and Pulseroll products help her in every muscle group, from her feet up!

Jenn Gaskell hiking

Ambassador: Jenn Gaskell

Jenn Gaskell loves to push herself to the limit over rugged terrain, come rain shine or snow, and loves nothing more than competing over distances that experienced athletes would shy away from. For her feats of ultra-endurance, she reaches for Pulseroll to get warmed up and help offer relief over the entire course.

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Dedicated gamers can spend the best part of a day in a chair, and we all know that's not healthy. Pulseroll products are here to help.

Ready to level up? Reach for Pulseroll.

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Road cyclist on bike


Whether your racing for a gold or just cycling to work and back, Pulseroll products help you avoid tightness and muscle fatigue, in or out of the saddle.

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