Pro Massage Roller | Description

Redesigned and revitalised, the Vibrating Foam Roller Pro is bigger and better than ever.

A new and updated vibrating self-use massage tool designed to reduce next day soreness and increase blood flow to the muscles, it can aid recovery after a tough workout or help with long-standing muscular problems. Designed as a much larger roller (and the most powerful product in the Pulseroll family), the Vibrating Foam Roller Pro can be used all over the body, is ideal for focusing on larger muscle groups, and is perfect for those of a larger build.

It has five speed variations and can be easily controlled via the one-touch remote. The variable settings allow you to deliver different levels of vibration intensity, depending on your individual needs and the targeted muscle groups.

  • Low-power settings are ideal for a more relaxing massage, either on tired or sensitive areas.
  • High-power settings deliver a more intense deep tissue treatment for those muscle knots and trigger points.


  • Gently rest the target muscle on the vibrating foam roller. This allows the vibration to penetrate the muscle for an effective treatment.
  • Use your body weight and adjust the variable settings to find the optimal pressure and vibration. This will deliver deeper, more intense vibration therapy.
  • Treatment can be self-administered in a focused area or moved around in a more general massaging motion.


Our scientifically proven vibration technology increases blood flow and oxygen to your muscles, improving general muscle health and recovery time after consistently hard training leading to DOMS.

Countless research studies have confirmed the positive benefits of vibration training, but here at Pulseroll HQ we wanted to make sure our vibrating foam rollers were effective by undertaking our own independent scientific study.

Our study found that vibrating foam rollers can increase blood flow and oxygen to muscles by as much as 22% after hard training. This helps to speed up recovery and maintain the strength in muscles that is usually temporarily lowered after a workout.