Pulseroll’s Workplace Movement Hacks for Improving Posture and Avoiding Injury

Award-winning wellbeing and percussion therapy brand Pulseroll has teamed up with industry-leading physiotherapist and performance coach, Rob Madden to help tackle common physical issues and injuries associated with working from home.

Rob, who has worked with elite athletes such as Anthony Joshua and Lance Stroll (as well as the everyday population) has also seen an increase in neck, shoulder and back issues amongst his clients over the last 24 months. Sitting (and in particular sitting in the wrong position for days at a time) can have a detrimental effect on the body and cause all sorts of physical and psychological issues.

Restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic meant more people were working from home - many with an incorrect workplace setup, and that can lead to injury and muscle soreness. (Last year, a survey by Opinium of people working remotely found that 81% of respondents experienced some back, neck or shoulder pain, with 46% saying they'd been taking painkillers more often than they would like.)

So, Pulseroll and Rob have teamed up to outline a series of simple exercises which can be done at home, during the day, to help ease muscle soreness, correct posture and improve all round wellbeing.

Talking about Workplace movement and health, Rob Madden, said:
The most important thing to remember is that your body needs movement to feel good, so take regular breaks from your desk, stand up and walk around. Working from home was new to so many of us, so there is a good chance a lot of us didnt have the right workplace setup and perhaps werent taking as many breaks as we used to.
Sitting bent over a laptop or computer all day can cause the muscles to tighten which can lead to pain and increased tension and stress. You can follow these simple videos that are taken from the work I do with my elite athletes and everyday clients. It will incorporate vibration massage devices, you will stretch the body, improve your posture and prevent any longterm injury or soreness.”
Paul McCabe, Pulseroll CEO, added:
“It is so important to get your workplace setup right and to keep moving, especially when working from home. We hear a lot about the importance of a good posture, and the impact bending over a laptop all day can have, not only on physical health but on general wellbeing as well.
“We have worked closely with Rob through his work with Anthony Joshua and when discussing the impact of the pandemic, we realised there wasn’t enough simple information out there about looking after your body during the working day. We know how busy people are, so these short videos will hopefully give people some useful tips to incorporate into their daily routine to improve physical and mental health.”