Gym Recovery Zone

Why Gyms should work with Pulseroll

The market for recovery tools is currently valued at over £850 million.

Modern day athletes, fitness professionals and recreational exercisers are increasingly looking beyond physical exertion, to recognise the importance of preparation and recovery. When designing gym floors, the percentage dedicated to functional training has increased over the last 5 years, and alongside this the market (lead by the US) is adding pre and post-exercise recovery zones. 

We believe these zones will become a staple of the UK gym floor experience over the next 2-4 years.

We would like to support you in creating recovery zone solutions relevant to your gym floor experience, and also adding education, small group training concepts and spa offerings (where relevant) to ensure the benefits of our products are maximised by your members. 

Case Study: Village Gyms

Check out how Village Gyms customers are benefiting from the Pulseroll Recovery Zones.

We provide a complimentary 3D model of your recovery zone space, designed to fit your gym floor perfectly.

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