Massage Guns for Cyclists

Whether you're racing for a gold or just cycling to work and back, Pulseroll products help you avoid tightness and muscle fatigue, in or out of the saddle.

From muscle cramp while cycling, to tight hamstrings around the house, anyone who likes to hit the pedals knows the areas they struggle with most. But with cycling being a cornerstone of many healthy, mobile lifestyles all over the globe, we've designed our products (particularly our Vibrating Peanut Roller and Vibrating Massage ball) to help focus on those areas where you need help.

Whether you're on a track, road or mountain path, Pulseroll products will help you you stay healthy and maintain your fitness for many years to come.

Long rides can be tough on the body. Make recovery your top priority with a Pulseroll.

UAE cycling team

World-class cyclists choose Pulseroll

Pulseroll products help the UAE Team Emirates team deal with muscle ache, pain, tightness and tension, guaranteeing faster recovery between sessions for better performance when they need it most.

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Jaadan cyclist on bike

Girl power! Team Jadan

Team Jadan reach for Pulseroll products to make sure they're always ready to give their all. Whether training or competing, the recognise the importance of recovery and trust in Pulseroll to help them every time.

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Cyclist Logo

Cyclist: Mini Massage Gun Feature article featured the Pulserolll Mini Massage gun in their round up of the kit their liking in the world of cycling.

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Wellbeing with Pulseroll


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