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Physical therapy sessions can really add up, costing those who need them and/or are paying for them, a fortune. Thankfully, a far more affordable, but equally effective Pulseroll vibrating foam roller can help you get the deep tissue massage you need without having to break the bank. An ultra-lightweight and portable device which can be used at home, at the gym, or in any other workout or training space, the Pulseroll offers up incredible convenience, durability, and service for regular gym rats and professional athletes alike. This is as the eco-friendly, multi-functional Pulseroll, is great for deep tissue massages done in the comfort of your own home, and comes with an impressive 3-hour battery life before another charge is needed. The product’s one-year warranty is also a welcomed plus. The best devices are usually both skillfully designed, as well as very useful. If a device is not serving a previously unmet need, then chances are it will not be very successful. Thankfully, this is not the case with the new Pulseroll vibrating fitness roller. The Pulseroll vibrating foam roller was unveiled with much fanfare, following a country-wide gym tour. During the gym tour, the Pulseroll roller was consistently positively reviewed, confirming the notion that this fitness application would be useful to everyone spanning a wide spectrum of fitness identities including professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, coaches, trainers, and the average gym goer. While foam rolling, and by extension, foam rollers are nothing new, Pulseroll kicks it up several notches. We take a closer look below. About The Foam Rolling Technique And The Pulseroll Brand Foam rolling was prior to now, a technique used exclusively by professional coaches, physical therapists, and their athletes. Today, foam rolling is a demystified self-massaging technique used in everyday fitness by persons of all walks. Foam rolling is great for relieving tight muscles, or trigger points in the body. Trigger points refer to those ‘knots’ at specific points in the body. There is admittedly some level of discomfort and/or pain when rolling and working with tight muscles. However, this discomfort is fairly light and can be likened to stretching. Chances are, you will feel a lot better at the end of the foam rolling process, just as you would at the end of a good stretching session. Having a quality foam roller when carrying out foam rolling is critical to having a successful foam rolling session. This is particularly important as not all foam rollers are created equally. Some are simply better than others. The Pulseroll vibrating foam roller is among the absolute best. The Pulseroll is a multi-speed foam roller comes complete with a whole host of features. These features include: – Lightweight and portable (1 kilogram) – Rechargeable batteries with good battery life (3 hours) – High portability – Four one touch settings – Eco friendly technological design – Vibrating foam Each feature serves a unique function to make for an important user experience. We take a closer look at each of these key features and what they mean for foam rolling below. Feature #1: Ultra Lightweight (weighs only one kilogram) Can you imagine trying to recover from injury or add variety to your fitness regime or program using a heavy, bulky, and difficult to use foam roller? Yeah, we can’t either. Hardly surprising, foam rollers that are lighter are usually a far better buy than those which weigh significantly more. The Pulseroll and hyperice vyper vibrating foam roller is a perfect 1 kilogram in weight. At this lighter weight makes the device both easy to carry and easy to use. Being lightweight is a design feature in itself as users are more likely to get better results from using this device at this weight as opposed to a comparatively heavier foam roller. Feature #2: Rechargeable Battery Rechargeable batteries make this product easy to transport and be used just about anywhere. As such, coaches, therapists, and fitness enthusiasts alike never have to miss a recovery session again. Once the batteries have been sufficiently charged, the Pulseroll is ready to go wherever you take it and operate at full capacity. Both the battery, and the quick charging AC adaptor, are included in the Pulseroll package. Feature #3: High Portability Both the weight and rechargeable batteries with enough juice to last a solid three hours make the Pulseroll vibrating foam roller highly portable. Other elements of the roller’s physical design also further add to its portability. Feature #4: Four One Touch Settings The Pulseroll vibrating foam rollers are perfectly suited to a wide range of workouts. In fact, this foam roller can be the star of a workout, from beginning to end. Depending on your fitness level, you can select one of the four one touch settings that come with the Pulseroll foam roller. These settings allow users to control the intensity of their interaction with the foam roller, and consequently their workouts. Feature #5: Eco-Friendly Technological Design One major element of how well-designed any given device or piece of equipment is how environmentally friendly it is. Eco friendly materials are an integral part of today’s cutting edge designs, and the Pulseroll vibrating foam is no different. The outermost layer of the Pulseroll is made from eco-friendly hardware material that makes it functional, durable, and non-harmful all in one design feature. Feature #6: Vibrating Foam The vibrating foam feature of the Pulseroll roller allows for a deeper tissue massage while the roller is being used. This added deep tissue activity helps to speed up the muscle recovery. The vibrations are both soothing and pain relieving, and the intensity of the same can be adjusted using the one of the four one touch settings. Rehabilitation And More: All Pros, No Cons There are so many benefits that Persons who use the Pulseroll hypervice vyper vibrating foam roller, available at can enjoy. Firstly, clinical research has proven that vibrating foam rollers are great for speeding up actual recovery from injuries and strains. This is as they increase muscular flexibility and elasticity thanks to the deep tissue penetration and self-massaging release, allowing the muscle to recover from injury and bounce back more quickly than ever before. In other words, the product is great for rehabilitation. Importantly, the Pulseroll foam roller can be effectively used in a lot of other ways besides being used for rehabilitation or recovery from injury. For example, it can be included in a workout program during the warm up and cool down parts of the workout session. Here are some other interesting ways the Pulseroll foam roller can be used for even if you have no injuries to recover from.

  1. Massages

Massages are a great way to relax, recuperate, and keep the body in a low-stress or as close to stress-free state as possible. In fact, massages are so beneficial to the body, that it is often recommended that they are regularly included in one’s general self-care routine or regime in much the same way that diet and exercise are. Add to this the fact that the Pulseroll and hyperice vyper vibrating foam roller vibrates and you have a win-win situation. The vibration feature of this foam roller allows for an even more relaxing, and effective deep tissue massage. Best of all, enjoying the massage did not require a trip to the spa or the use of a credit card. Pro-tip: level three on the four-speed gauge is the best option for a relaxing, pulsating massage.

  1. Core strengthening exercises

Whether you are a professional athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or a more casual exerciser, core strength is an important part of not just total fitness, but also of our ability to get through everyday tasks such as walking, lifting, and carrying, without hurting ourselves or getting injured. Using the Pulseroll to complete core strengthening is, therefore, something you simply must do.

  1. Yoga stretches

As previously stated, the Pulseroll vibrating foam roller helps to improve flexibility and elasticity in the body’s muscles. This feature makes the product absolutely perfect for doing yoga stretches. The foam roller can be used in lieu of a yoga block, and works great for some postures and poses, and helps to significantly increase blood flow, relax the muscles and give you an invigorating mind and body workout.

  1. Muscle toning

Having well-toned, strong muscles can help add to your physical appearance as well as your physical performance during sport or working out at the gym. The Pulseroll can help in this regard, helping you to achieve that toned, athletic look. This product is remarkably flexible and can be incorporated in a number of muscle toning exercises to make them much more intense. Rest, Relaxation, And Recovery: Why The Pulseroll and Hyperice Vyper Vibrating Foam Roller Is Great For Your Fitness Program Persons of all levels of fitness, interests, and goals can stand to benefit from using the Pulseroll vibrating foam roller as a part of their fitness program for a number of reasons. For starters, fitness and health are not just about working out or even eating well, per se. It also involves rest, recovery, and healing. In fact, bodybuilders who are keen on muscle gain will tell you how important the rest and recovery part of their regime is to their overall results and successes. The Pulseroll vibrating foam roller can assist you with all the above. Use Pulseroll for massages, stretches, yoga and recovery work to begin seeing the results you desire today. Save Yourself Some Money: The Cost Of The Pulseroll Vibrating Foam Roller Versus The Cost Of Physical Therapy (Physio) Physical therapy is not cheap. Costs can only escalate depending on the nature of the injury and the treatments required thereof. The more intense the treatment, then the costlier physical therapy is likely to be. For example, if one needs to travel back and forth to special physical therapy locations in order to access special equipment, or multiple treatment sessions that are needed per week, then costs can quickly add up. With the Pulseroll vibrating foam roller, however, these costs can be significantly reduced or completely avoided depending on the situation. Regular use of the Pulseroll hypervice vyper vibrating foam roller will help athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and the gym goer alike to avoid costs associated with physical therapy in the following ways:

  1. Avoiding serious or extensive injuries in the first place

It is often said that prevention is better than cure. In the case of physical therapy, this old adage rings true. Staying healthy, and taking the necessary physical precautions will prevent injury and the physical therapy costs that can result from the same. This is where Pulseroll comes in very handy, as it can help the body’s muscles stay supple, fit, and healthy, and thereby less injury prone. When you include Pulseroll as a regular part of your workout routine(s), such as during the warm up and cool down segments, or as a part of the stretching, yoga, or core strengthening components, then you will be well on your way to increasing total fitness, as well as muscle flexibility and elasticity. Increased flexibility and improved total fitness will help you effectively avoid injury, as many athletic injuries stem from a combination of the lack of sufficient elasticity in the muscles and the overextension of the muscles. When muscles are properly stretched, massaged, and kept in good condition, then whenever it is extended during an activity, it is in a better position to snap back and recover without tearing. Resting properly (both sleep, and workout rest days) is an integral part of building muscle flexibility and elasticity as well. Rest and recuperation put the muscles in a better position to respond to being extended without getting injured.

  1. Using Pulseroll as an integral part of the physical therapy recovery program in the event that you do get injured

Sometimes, in spite of our best efforts, even the best trained, and most careful coaches will have athletes with injuries from time to time. As long as you are constantly challenging your body and pushing the limits of your fitness, then injury is virtually inevitable. In the eventuality of an injury and much-needed rehabilitation, then the Pulseroll is a must-have. Being that the Pulseroll is light, portable and can be used in a number of ways (it is a highly versatile piece of equipment), it can easily be used as a part of the rehabilitation and recovery program. Of course, depending on the nature of the recovery program, the Pulseroll can be used as the sole piece of equipment or in conjunction with other equipment. Either way, using Pulseroll is likely to reduce traveling to and from therapy. This is as therapy is now longer restricted to a given local, but is instead right where you and your Pulseroll vibrating foam are located. In other words, there is no need to go to a special physical therapy session. This consequently reduces costs.

  1. A faster recovery allowing you to spend less time in therapy

Finally, in addition to allowing you to be location fluid, the Pulseroll hypervice vyper vibrating foam roller allows members of your existing sports and fitness team to work with you throughout the therapy sessions, using the Pulseroll device, thereby speeding up recovery. This is due largely to the fact that the use of the Pulseroll device to speed up the recovery process has been clinically proven. Shorter physical therapy periods will result in less money being spent in that regard. Your Best Purchasing Option To get your hands on a Pulseroll hypervice vyper vibrating foam roller at the best possible price and quality is to get it directly from This is the only way to ensure that you get the real deal. You can opt to use the contact information on the page to get in touch or simply add Pulseroll to your shopping cart using the dedicated product page. So what are you waiting for? You have absolutely nothing to lose and lots to gain. Get your Pulseroll by placing your order today![/read]

Improve your core with Pulseroll

Body massage with Pulseroll

Work your IT Band with Pulseroll

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The Pulseroll vibrating foam roller is excellent for aiding muscle recovery after training and injury. It aids recovery resulting in faster repair times and quicker muscle gains. Battery life is a very impressive 3 hours which is quickly rechargeable enabling you to be able to use your Pulseroll while on the move.

Improve your core with Pulseroll

The Pulseroll vibrating foam roller can help to strengthen and build up your core by doing various exercises such as the plank, knee stretch, the bridge and various other manoeuvres. The level setting on your Pulseroll is truly powerful and will get you the best results for your core when using in the plank position.

Just relax with Pulseroll

Every day your body gets put through its paces. From time to time we should treat ourselves to some time away from the world. A massage with a vibrating foam roller is a great way to do this. With a low massage setting your Pulseroll will blissfully help you to zone out and release those knots without the need of an expensive massage.

Turn it up a notch with Pulseroll

The Pulseroll vibrating foam roller has 4 different one-touch settings, making the roller ideal for a variety of workouts and settings. Level 3 on your Pulseroll is the best setting for a pulsating relaxing massage.

4 powerful speed settings

3-hour rechargeable battery

Endless possibilities


The Pulseroll vibrating foam roller is ideal for the general fitness enthusiast, professional athletes and also to aid physiotherapists to use with their clients.

Check below to get some ideas of how your Pulseroll can help to achieve your goals.


The Pulseroll vibrating foam roller helps to naturally improve the circulation of blood through the arteries, veins and capillaries of your body. This works best when pressure is applied, it works to temporarily push blood through the various avenues of the body. When the pressure stops, the blood flow resumes its normal pace. This type of process will speed up your recovery from a tough training session and so help allow you to continue to train at your optimum levels.


The Pulseroll vibrating foam roller can help loosen tight muscles to help increase your flexibility and elasticity and improve your Yoga practice. It can be used in a variety of different yoga poses & postures and may help you relax your muscles much easier than with a yoga block. Yoga will help with your flexibility, increase blood flow, deep relaxation and give the perfect body & mind workout.


With continued use the Pulseroll is an excellent rehabilitation aid with a massage mode level available to give you the best results. The gentle pulsating vibrations can be great for recovering from injury and improving your all around flexibility. The Pulseroll is an excellent new extra piece of equipment for Physios to use on their patients who can then be carry on their treatment in the comforts of their home.


Just like the vibrating fitness plate the Pulseroll can help to build and tone your muscles with a range of different exercises. The vibrating foam roller is something that used on a regular basis would help you to maximise your results & recovery with all parts of the body. Used in isolation with your core within weeks your Pulseroll vibrating foam roller can help you see excellent results in your oblique muscle area.


Using the Pulseroll vibrating foam roller before and after workouts on a regular basis is vital to add to you training daily routine. Use before your workout will warm up your muscles up, help avoid injury and muscle tears. Using your Pulseroll post work out with will help you avoid some of the next day stiffness in the areas that you have trained. This is true especially in your hamstrings, glutes, lower back, IT Band and shoulders.


Improved core will help improve your posture and this is easy to do with your Pulseroll. Focusing on and targeting your core muscles using the 4 speed powerful vibrating settings to strengthen your core thus improving your all around posture. The majority of the population suffer with bad posture and is a key area that we are now all aware of. The Pulseroll vibrating foam roller can help with rounded shoulders and back problems by using in a variety of exercises.

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