What is a trigger point massage?

What is a trigger point massage? - Pulseroll

Everyone can get or has a trigger point, but not many of us know what they are and how you can relieve the pain they cause. This article takes an in-depth look at trigger points, how to relieve them using a trigger point massager, and what exactly happens when a trigger point is released.

Read on to become an expert in all things trigger points!

What is a trigger point?

A trigger point is a sensitive area within the skeletal muscle, ligament, or fascia. Trigger points become painful when compressed, however they often exhibit referred pain. For example, a trigger point in your thigh might refer pain down into the rest of your leg - not helpful for the rest of your leg, we know!

There are two different types of trigger points which are known as active and latent. An active trigger point produces constant pain or throughout movement. The pain can also decrease the flexibility of the muscles. Latent trigger points are only painful when pressure is placed on the affected area and it is compressed.

So, we now know what trigger points are, let’s learn more about how we get them.

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Who can suffer from trigger points?

Well, it seems as if no one is safe from trigger points! Athletes can be susceptible to trigger points as they can often develop from the overuse of muscle tissues. It’s important not to overuse a muscle group as this will reduce your chance of getting a trigger point. However, on the other hand, people who are less active can be susceptible to latent trigger points as they tend to develop in underused tissues.

Most people will experience muscle pain at some point in their lives which will normally resolve on its own after a few weeks, however for some, muscle pain can persist. This is why it’s important to treat and understand your trigger points.

What does trigger point massage do?

A trigger point is essentially a muscle spasm, so one thing you can do to help ease trigger points is to use a trigger point massager. Yes, a massage will help you as it will relax your muscle and not let your muscles tense up.

You need to make sure you are able to receive trigger point massages and the Pulseroll massage gun is the perfect tool to aid you. Our massage gun helps you to reach any trigger point on your body comfortably and you won’t need any assistance.

How can massaging trigger points help?

To help relieve the trigger point, all you need to do is:
  • Find the tight spots
  • Use your massage gun to press firmly into the trigger points
  • Repeat this two - six times per day for about two minutes.

When you start your trigger point massage, don't put too much pressure on the area. You can gradually build this up throughout the week. It is ok to feel some pain as trigger points are often extremely painful, but if you feel a sharp pinch or tingling then you need to stop as this could indicate that the pain goes beyond muscle tension.

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What happens when a trigger point is released?

When you release your trigger point with your massage gun, you will feel the pressure release. A trigger point can feel like a tiny marble and why you press on this spot, you will feel pain. Once released, you should no longer feel as if you have any tension in that area and, more importantly, any pain should have subsided.

It has been said that trigger point massages are the best way of getting rid of these painful afflictions, so if you want to experience the feeling of trigger point release, then consider buying a Pulseroll massage gun today. Not only is Pulseroll’s massage gun scientifically proven to increase range of motion and stimulate blood flow, it’s also like having your very own physio in your gym bag.

Treat yourself to your very own trigger point massager. Shop our range of muscle recovery equipment now.


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