What Does a Massage Gun Do? The Secrets and Tips Revealed

What Does a Massage Gun Do? The Secrets and Tips Revealed - Pulseroll

The growing popularity of massage guns has made them part of discussions for all the right reasons. Everyone seems to be amazed by the wonders of a massage gun, from athletes to fitness enthusiasts and influencers.

With the increasing awareness in the fitness industry, more people are concerned about quick muscle recovery and enhancing their strength. Massage guns have transformed self-massage therapy by making muscle care therapy accessible to all.

What does a massage gun do so that people rave about its valuable benefits? Are massage guns worth it? Read along to discover the details.

What is a Massage Gun?

A massage gun is a handy massaging tool for giving yourself deep tissue massage therapy. They are also known as percussion massage treatment guns since they use vibration therapy to relax and loosen tight muscles.

What is a Massage Gun?

A massage gun looks like a drill and sometimes sounds like it too. Luckily, some great percussion massagers with quiet noise technology do not produce noise while working. They are a trendy tool in the fitness industry nowadays as more people are switching towards self-massaging tools and techniques.

What does a Massage Gun do?

Do you want to know how a massage gun works?

Here is what a percussion massager does when you turn it on and place it on your muscles:

  • When you turn on the massage gun, the head attachment vibrates at the set speed and frequency.
  • The head attachment hits the muscles with quick percussion or vibrating motion.
  • The quick forward and backward movement releases tension in the sore muscle area. It also releases fluid buildups in the muscles that have made them stiff.
  • As a result, the blood flow increases to the muscles helping the body recover and strengthen the muscles.

Benefits of a Massage Gun

The benefits of percussion massagers make them a worthwhile investment for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and others who perform regular physical activity. The following are the most compelling benefits explaining what a massage gun does.

Quick Rehabilitation Treatment

Post-injury muscle care is vital to prevent any potential injury in the future and recover from existing injuries quicker. A massage gun helps your muscles a quick and better rehabilitation through active recovery.

Benefits of a Massage Gun

The percussion massage therapy offered by a massage gun improves the healing process of the damaged muscles. Massages improve blood circulation in the affected muscle area. The improved blood flow, in turn, improves the flexibility of the muscles and eliminates soreness and swelling.

Prevents Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) is a common issue among athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. It is the muscle soreness, and stiffness caused hours after intense physical activity. Muscle soreness is a hurdle to your movement and can affect your performance as a runner or athlete.

What do percussion massagers do to prevent DOMS? Massages enhance muscle endurance so that they can perform their best. The improved muscle performance decreases the risk of acute and delayed onset muscle soreness.

Improves Blood Circulation

Massage therapy is effective in improving the flow of blood in the body. The deep tissue massage stimulates the nerve receptors expanding the muscles. As a result, lymphatic flow improves by removing toxins from the body. The toxins are replaced by fresh blood, oxygen, and nutrients.

The increased blood flow improves your overall health. The optimum oxygen supply activates the muscles to work efficiently, enhancing your muscle’s performance.

Prevents Muscle Injury

A percussion massager is an important tool to act as a shield against muscle injury. When you include massage therapy in your workout routine, it helps prepare muscles for intense physical activity. Muscle preparation ensures that your muscles have enough oxygen supply and improve muscle tissue elasticity.

As a result, your muscles become more flexible so that intense muscular activity does not lead to wear and tear in muscles. The reduced risk of injury allows athletes to enhance their performance.

Improved Range of Motion and Strength

The range of motion refers to the capability of a joint to fully flex and extend itself. It is essential to have a high range of motion to move your joints effectively.

So, what does a percussion massager do to improve your range of motion and strength?

It enhances the flexibility of the muscles and allows them to move freely. In other words, it strengthens them so they do not become sore or painful after intense physical movement. The improved flexibility also allows an individual to perform routine tasks such as walking, running, and sitting efficiently.

How to Use a Massage Gun - General Guidelines

After learning what a massage gun does, you might be eager to know how to use one the right way. The effectiveness of a massage gun depends on how you use it.

The method to use a percussion massager slightly varies when you use it on different body parts. The general guidelines, however, remain the same, which are mentioned below.

Step 1:

Select the correct head attachment for your device before you use it for massaging any muscle area.

Step 2:

Turn on the device and adjust its speed settings. Massage guns have various power settings, such as single-button or long-press use. Select the speed setting according to the muscle area you are targeting.

Step 3:

Now place the head of the massager gun above the muscles and let the percussion therapy begin. The motion of the gun feels like gentle punches on your skin. Don’t put it too close to the skin or it will hit the muscles too hard.

Step 4:

Move the gun slowly around the targeted muscle area in a circular or to-and-fro motion. Avoid pressing the gun against the muscles.

Step 5:

Use a lower intensity for small muscle areas and higher for larger ones.

If you do not use the massage gun effectively, it can lead to muscle injury and soreness. It may also damage the gun, making it useless for further use.

Using a Massage Gun on your Neck

The current prevalent lifestyle has led people to spend more time sitting on a chair and using a digital device like a computer or a laptop. It is a leading cause of neck pain among individuals. You can use a massage gun to relieve muscles in the back of your neck.

TIP: Use a soft head attachment with a low-speed setting and put the gun at the back of your neck. Make sure you do not press it on your neck and slowly move it around. Begin with massaging the shoulders and slowly move towards the back neck. Spend some time gently massaging the muscles, and then turn off the massage gun.

Using a Massage Gun on your Legs

Leg pain or leg muscle soreness can spoil anyone’s day. Luckily, a massager gun can help you get rid of these issues. Get a mini massage gun for your legs and use it to relax your muscles.

Using a Massage Gun on your Legs

TIP: When massaging your legs, the areas to target include the quads, hamstrings, and calf muscles. Begin with the anterior part of the upper thigh and gradually move towards the knee. The anterior region is easy to reach with your hands while sitting on a chair or on the ground. Avoid massaging the knee joint, but you can use percussion massagers around it.

Using a Massage Gun on your Back

Whether you suffer from lower back pain or sore back muscles, a massage gun can help solve your back problems. It is effective to relieve back pain with regular massage therapy at home. Relax your back muscles before using a massage gun on your back.

TIP: You can do this by starting with a slow speed setting and gradually increasing it. It will cure mild back pain quickly but may take more time to treat severe pain. You may need assistance from someone to reach the muscles in the lower back. Ensure you have attached the right head that is neither too soft nor too hard on the muscles.

Where else can you use it?

Besides the major muscle areas mentioned here, you can also use the massage gun for other muscle areas. This includes your arm, chest, and foot. The key points to remember when using the device are choosing the right head attachment, adjusting the right speed, and handling it efficiently.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ES9xGaejho

Are Massage Guns Worth it?

Yes, massage guns are definitely worth it. They are a worthy investment with long-term benefits for your health and fitness. Once you know what they do, you can make the most of it. The following are the reasons why these guns are worth it.

Convenient to Use

Sore muscles, lower back pain, muscle stiffness, or pain due to an injury are common issues faced by athletes. Even if you are not an athlete, you may suffer from any of these problems. A massage can be an effective therapy to help resolve such issues.

Massage guns allow you to get professional-quality massage therapy at home. You can use this wireless device to massage your muscles or help your friends relieve their sore muscles.


Muscle care must be your first concern, whether you are going to your gym or on a hiking trip. The portability of massage guns allows you to carry one along with you and use it to soothe your muscles. You can also find some excellent-quality lightweight massage guns that are easy to carry in your gym bag.

Portable massage gun

Ideal for Pre and Post Workout Routine

A common mistake in most fitness routines is ignoring the pre-workout warm-up and post-workout cool-down exercises. As a result, muscle pain and soreness become common. A massage gun is ideal if you want a quick and easy warm-up and cool-down solution.

TIP: Adjust the frequency to a lower speed setting and gently massage your muscles before a workout to prepare your muscles. Do the same to cool down your muscles after an intense workout.

Rechargeable Batteries

The rechargeable batteries increase the life of the massage gun. You can easily use it multiple times with a single charge. You can use a high-quality massage gun for an extended period without the batteries overheating.

Some massage guns have a life as long as six to seven hours with a single charge. This makes them perfect for a whole-body massage. You can always carry them to the gym for a pre and post-workout exercise routine.

Multiple Head Attachments

Massage guns can be used all over your body by switching to different head attachments. The best ones come with multiple head attachments that are manually interchangeable. Each head targets a specific muscle area and applies pressure on the right spot.

The multiple head attachments make a massage gun a cost-effective option. Instead of buying different tools for different muscles, you can use a single multi-purpose device to relax all your muscles.

Save your Time

Getting a massage from a professional involves more time, including travelling to and from the clinic. The handy massage guns are time-efficient. Spending less time out of your day to solve your muscle soreness means you have more time for productivity.

Do Massage Guns Help Build Muscles?

To understand whether a massage gun helps build muscles, you must first understand what it does to your muscles.

  • When your muscles can become stiff and contract due to intense exercises, a massage gun improves muscle contraction leading to lengthening the muscles.
  • The proper use of this device provides your body with relief from muscle stress.
  • The relief from muscle stress and improvement of blood circulation improves tissue metabolism, which further leads to improving muscle health.

The discussion about the impact of massage guns on building your muscles is complicated. Several studies reveal how it strengthens your muscles, but no concrete evidence supports the claim that they help build muscles.

Do Massage Guns Help Build Muscles?

A massage gun may not directly lead to building muscles but can indirectly support muscle metabolism and growth.

Where Should You Not Use a Massage Gun?

Massage guns are ideal for your muscles, but there are also some areas where using them might not be the best possible option. The following are the areas or parts of the body to avoid while massaging yourself with a massage gun.

  • Joints: If you are using a massage gun on your joints, it can cause serious pain. It will result in bruises and swelling if used on a high frequency.
  • Open Wounds: If your muscles are bruised, or you have open wounds, avoid using a massage gun on them. It can potentially worsen the wounds.
  • Front of the Neck: The front of your neck is a very sensitive area. The powerful strokes of this device may do more harm than good.
  • Spine: These guns are good for back pain, but you must not use them directly on the spine. Instead, target the area around the spine.
  • Bones: Experts strictly prohibit using massage guns on bones and joints. It is designed for flexible muscles, capable of absorbing the pressure applied. The bones lack this property and, therefore, may hurt due to the strong percussive movement of the gun.

Besides these body parts, avoid using a massage gun if you have severe pain and soreness. Instead, consult a physiotherapist or GP to advise whether or not you should use this device on your muscles.

How Often Should You Use a Massage Gun?

Some people use a massage gun daily, others use it weekly, and others only when they have a muscle injury. This indicates that the frequency of using it varies among users. However, the question of how often to use a massage gun must be discussed to avoid overuse and potential damage.

Are Massage Guns Worth it?

You can use this device daily if you follow the procedure outlined in this blog under the heading ‘how to use a massage gun - general guidelines.’

It is not only an effective recovery tool but can also be a great workout tool. Whether you use it daily or at intervals, follow the correct procedure. It will ensure that you get the benefits you are looking for.

Things to Look for in a Massage Gun

When investing in a massage gun for your muscles, you must consider multiple factors to ensure you get the best one. The following are the factors you must consider when buying a massage gun.

  • Is it a high-quality device?
  • Does it have an ergonomic design?
  • Does it offer multiple speed settings?
  • Is it easy to navigate and control?
  • Is it pocket-friendly?
  • Does it have multiple head attachments?
  • How long is the battery life?

Save your aching shoulders and massage away muscle pain with the Pulseroll Pro Massage Gun. The Pulseroll Pro Massage Gun has everything one can look for in a perfect percussion massager. So, invest in the best and order your massager now.

Other Muscle Recovery Options

Besides massage guns, other muscle recovery tools are also available for at-home massage therapy. This includes vibrating and rotating foam rollers, massage balls, peanut rollers, and stretch bands. All these tools target the muscles differently and release their tension to help them relax.

Percussion massagers are arguably the most popular among these muscle recovery tools. They are handy and easy to use. However, you can always choose the best option according to your needs and convenience.


Muscle injuries are common and, most of the time, not harmful in the long-term. However, you must know how to handle the stress and keep your muscles strong and healthy. A high-quality massage gun can do this for you.

Now you know what a percussion massager does. It not only gives an enjoyable massage but also keeping your muscles strong and preventing injuries. The long-term benefits make it a must-have piece of equipment that allows your muscles to perform efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do massage guns actually work?

Yes, they relieve sore muscles by reducing stiffness and pain. They help in active recovery by keeping your muscles active during the recovery period. Massagers have made effective massages accessible for people and eliminated the need to visit a physical therapist every time.

Is it worth getting a massage gun?

Yes, it is worth getting a massager as it has multiple benefits for muscle strengthening. It helps muscles recover from injuries and soreness and keeps them active. You can consider it a worthy investment in a fitness and well-being tool.

What are the pros and cons of massage guns?

The pros of percussion guns are that they are effective, portable, rechargeable, easy to use and effective for pain relief. Besides this, there is a long list of other benefits. On the other hand, some massage guns are heavy and make a great noise when turned on. This makes them difficult to use and inconvenient for the users.

Does a massage gun burn fat?

No, a massager does not burn fat cells or break them down directly. However, it may accelerate the fat-burning process. Massaging the area with excess body fat may help change the shape upon regular use.

Why are massage guns so popular?

Massagers are popular for all the right reasons. They are handy, cost-effective, and give significant results. You can use them to provide a quick massage to your muscles and friends’ muscles.

Does a massage gun help lower back pain?

Yes, a massage gun helps ease lower back pain. If you use the massager gun on the right setting and follow the right procedure, you can witness a significant improvement in your lower back pain. It can relax the stiff back muscles.

Do massage guns help tight muscles?

Yes, they are the best way to loosen tight muscles. Tight muscles cause pain and affect mobility. Using a massager carefully on a tight muscle will increase blood circulation, providing oxygen to blood vessels, helping improve its flexibility and slowly improve the muscle performance.


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