How Vibration Training Can Provide Benefits for Everyone

How Vibration Training Can Provide Benefits for Everyone - Pulseroll

Although the concept of vibration training has been around for a long time, it is quickly becoming a fitness trend is that shaking up (quite literally) the training world for fitness fanatics and those who suffer from painful conditions. It may come as a surprise that vibration training can benefit many people, not just those who are focused on the gym or who dedicate a substantial amount of time to training.

Read on to learn more about what vibration training is and the benefits it can provide.

What is vibration training?

For those who are unaware, the term vibration training is widely used to describe the training style of utilising micro-vibrations and pulses to work on the muscles.

Vibration training can come in many forms, for example local body vibration or whole body vibration. Whole body vibration training is often more well known. Many of us are accustomed to seeing the whole body vibration training plate in the gym – of course, not to say that we all make use of it!

If you class yourself as one of the people who are slightly unsure and/or are intimidated by the idea of vibration training, local body vibration training could be perfect for you.

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Local vibration training benefits

Local vibration training is exactly what it implies - providing vibration pulses directly to the localised area.

It is widely acknowledged that this form of vibration training is more effective and has more benefits as it can be applied directly to the muscle group for maximum effect and benefit.

It is thought that whole body vibration can be somewhat problematic due to the vibrations being absorbed by other tissues and muscle groups throughout the body en route to the intended target area.

This is where Pulseroll can help you!

The team at Pulseroll are avid fitness warriors, and identified a gap in the market for innovative vibration therapies. And so Pulseroll was born. The team realised that people were seeking a product that would provide muscular release and endless recovery benefits.

Using particular equipment such as a foam muscle roller or Pulseroll peanut ball is a great way of targeting certain spots on the body where you feel you require some release from muscle tightness or pain.

It has been noted by many athletes and regular fitness trainers that vibrating training, in particular the Pulseroll peanut and foam muscle rollers, is an effective way to provide muscular release.

The Pulseroll peanut and foam muscle roller are really helpful gym tools for people who have been training too hard and are seeking recovery and rehabilitation. Simply find that spot that is causing tightness and discomfort, and focus the vibration training equipment on that particular muscle group to feel maximum benefits.

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How vibration training benefits everyone

Not only is vibration training beneficial for the fitness inclined, but it has been thought to provide benefits and relief to those suffering from conditions such as osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. Conditions like these often cause muscle spasms and chronic pain that can be extremely hard to handle.

Through the unique combination of pressure and vibration, using Pulseroll vibration training equipment can improve muscle strength, range of motion, and can lead to increased blood flow under the skin - therefore reducing the symptoms of chronic pain. The vibrations that reach the muscle tissue work to promote better circulation, by relaxing the muscles and easing pain and tension.

Pulseroll vibration training equipment can be a cost effective alternative to reducing symptoms and providing relief from chronic pain.

Pulseroll vibration training benefits

If you class yourself as a fitness fanatic who often needs a quick and convenient way to repair an injury or as someone who suffers from chronic pain, Pulseroll could be the solution. Our products are designed to improve health and wellness for everyone!

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