Vibrating Foam Roller for the IT Band

Vibrating Foam Roller for the IT Band - Pulseroll
The iliotibial tract (IT band) is a wide strip of fibrous, connective tissue in the thigh, playing an important role in joining hip muscles to the tibia as well as thigh motion. It can be found in the outside section of the thighs and can tighten after physical activity and exercise. One of the best aids to training and recovery is a vibrating foam roller. The intensity of the vibrations combined with specific rolling techniques to apply pressure help to soften connective tissue and loosen tight muscles. People often worry about the safest and most effective techniques to foam roll their IT band, and our expert video guides will show you how to implement the right technique into your warm-up and recovery routines. By using the foam roller under the thigh, it helps to apply pressure for maximum results. Your arm and legs can be used for support. Watch the Pulseroll in action now. Also find this post on our Google+ profile.

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