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Vibrating Foam Roller for the Front & Side Shoulder Muscles

Vibrating Foam Roller for the Front & Side Shoulder Muscles - Pulseroll
When exercising muscles around the shoulder area, some of the most common complaints include tight muscles and sports injuries after activities such as weight training. Before and after your workout, you can soften the connective tissue, enhance blood flow to the area and improve flexibility for better performance and recovery. This can be achieved through using a vibrating foam roller across the front, back and sides of your shoulder muscles, especially where connecting to other muscles such as those in the arm. In our series of expert guides, we show you the correct position and technique to foam roll the shoulder muscles. In this video, take a look at how to use a vibrating foam roller on the sides and front of the arms, targeting lateral and anterior shoulder muscles. Effectively support yourself using one leg stretched out below while crossing the other over for added stability.

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