Foam Roller Exercises for Stretching the Chest Muscles - Women

Foam Roller Exercises
Stretching the chest muscles can be more of a challenge for women, but it’s important you don’t ignore this often-neglected area. Giving the chest some attention not only reduces tightness is the muscle groups found here but can improve posture and strengthen the muscles. A foam roller is the ideal way to soften muscle tissue both pre and post workout, as well as using for general well-being, fitness and for other physical activities such as yoga. Their portable and lightweight nature ensure they can easily be carried to a location of your choice. In our video guide, you can see the simple steps to stretching your chest muscles without having to roll the vibrating foam roller directly over the chest area. The exercise involves using elbows for support and movement with legs stretched out behind while balancing on your toes. Watch the Pulseroll in action now. Also find this post on our Google+ profile.