Self-motivating tips for working out

Self-motivating tips for working out - Pulseroll

“I’m too tired. It’s too cold, I don’t have time. It’s raining outside”… we’ve all been there and used these excuses many times! When working out, getting started is often the most difficult part. We waste so much time making excuses as to why we can’t exercise today, but we’re actually making it into something much worse than it actually is.

Finding self motivation for a workout can be hard sometimes so we’ve put together these helpful tips on how to break down those mental barriers and motivate yourself to workout!

Get changed

Simple yet effective! Without even thinking about it, put on your favourite activewear and this will instantly put you in the right mindset to exercise.

If you roll out of bed and slump down on the sofa still wearing your pajamas, will you ever get out of them?

Listen to music

Put together a playlist of all the motivating songs you love. It really is the most simple way to get yourself moving.

Listening to music actually causes the brain to release dopamine, a feel-good chemical. This should put you in a more positive mood while exercising.

Stock up the snack cupboard

And no, we don’t mean with biscuits! Try a range of healthy snacks to offer yourself as a treat or reward for when you finish your workout as this can be a great form of self-motivation for a workout.

Eating healthy foods also helps get you in the right mindset of a fit and healthy lifestyle.

healthy snacks

Include variety

Doing the same thing every day can quickly get boring. Switch it up every now and then and try new routines or new exercises.

You’re more likely to stick to it long-term if you find it enjoyable and aren’t repeating the same old exercises.

Book it in

Set yourself a specific time and day to complete your workouts. If it’s written on your calendar, you’re more likely to get it done. It is said that it takes four weeks to make something part of our routine so set your workout in stone and get it done!

Don’t forget to warm up

Incorporating a good warm up routine can get you mentally and physically pumped to start your workout.

Try using Pulseroll vibrating recovery tools as part of your warm up routine. The vibrating foam rollers increase blood flow to the muscle which helps reduce the risk of injury and the muscle massager gun is a great way of warming up specific muscle groups. Take a look at the full range of Pulseroll products including the vibrating foam rollers and massage gun.

Ignore those excuses of why you shouldn’t workout and think about how good you’ll feel after it, especially if you’ve got some effective muscle recovery tools to help you along the way! Here are some more positive tips to keep your training going.

recovery tools

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