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Physiotherapy and Massage | APPI Partnership - Pulseroll
Pulseroll are excited to welcome healthcare brand APPI as a new Pulseroll partner! APPI are world leading providers of physiotherapy and Pilates education, treatment and products.

Their Mission:

  • Create a brand of healthcare that embodies the concept of excellence across all divisions of Education, Treatment and Products.
  • Ensure the entire experience of our clients, partners and staff is optimised at all times.
  • Deliver Professional Development courses at the cutting edge of research, design and implementation to become the leading supplier of Pilates based education.
  • Develop an online Pilates community that views APPI as the key resource for all things Physiotherapy and Pilates based.
  • Develop an online product company that delivers the highest quality Pilates Products at an affordable cost.
  • Our motto is, “To innovate and motivate' with the focus, “To be better tomorrow”.

Their Method:

The APPI has enjoyed success with training future Pilates instructors all over the world for the past 18 years. Their success relies on their research based approach to Pilates training.

As their founders are physiotherapists, they recognise the demand for more specific Pilates training which targets the unique challenges of today’s population.

Pilates is no longer just for the dancers and gymnasts of this world but for everyday people like you and me. It’s great for adults, kids, our older population, sportspeople, military, those needing neurological rehabilitation, scoliosis, hypermobility and many other sectors of the community besides.

The APPI method presents the most current research relevant to Pilates! It teaches a realistic framework of exercises to apply to our clients to get the results we are all looking for. It may be performance, muscle toning, rehabilitation, posture or just to be able to move more efficiently and free of pain and stiffness. Whatever the objective their program has a proven track record of achieving this.

woman doing splits on fitness mat

APPI and Pulseroll fit perfectly together as health and wellness providers. The Pulseroll vibrating recovery products aim to provide the most effective muscle recovery and massage techniques, which will support the goals of APPI and their Pilates education and treatment.

Foam rollers are the most effective form of muscle recovery. They work by breaking up knots and sore spots in the muscles. Scientific research has shown that Pulseroll vibrating foam rollers break up scar tissue and knotting in the fascia, which is the main reason for the soreness you will be feeling.

Pulseroll products are now available to buy on the APPI website! The foam rollers, vibrating peanut roller, single ball and massage gun can all be purchased directly through APPI.

Make sure to try the Pulseroll scientifically proven vibrating foam rollers and the NEW highly anticipated massage gun!


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