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How to use a massage gun on your quads

How to use a massage gun on your quads - Pulseroll


The quads are one of the most important and hard-working muscle groups in our bodies. It’s vital that we don’t forget them when it comes to recovery and relaxation strategies in order to ensure their success.

While our article about the use of the massage gun on the entire leg naturally includes the quads, we wanted to draw attention to these frequently neglected muscles and to address them specifically.

In this article, we will cover:

Massage gun therapy benefits

Pulseroll’s Massage Gun uses percussive therapy. Its oscillating movement allows it to reach deep into the tissues, so that you can experience the most incredible and effective massages anywhere and anytime you want, at an affordable price.

massage gun

These are the most important benefits of using a massage gun:

It relaxes the muscles and alleviates stress

This is naturally one of the central focuses of massage therapy in general. There’s nothing quite like a good massage after a busy or exhausting day. Massage therapy is also often used to treat muscle spasms.

It relieves pain and stiffness

Massages are widely used in this capacity, and the experience of professional therapists, athletes, and other experts confirms their efficacy, which has also been observed in scientific studies. (1)

It may improve muscle performance

Studies have shown that massages can have a positive effect on joint flexibility and muscle function. (2) This may even help prevent injuries, as it increases the tissues’ range of motion.

It increases local tissue metabolism and stimulates blood and lymph circulation (3)

This means that more oxygen and nutrients reach the tissues, and it may help the toxin disposal process. The general effect of all this is to aid the muscles to recover and heal.

It may accelerate injury rehabilitation

Massages have shown the potential to facilitate and shorten the rehabilitation process after injuries, which is one of the reasons they’re so important in the sports’ world. (4)

It helps to treat scar tissue (5)

Massages are often applied by health practitioners to break down scar tissue, notably after surgery.

Find out more about how to use a massage gun to treat scar tissue.

Why use a massage gun on the quads?

The quads, or quadriceps femoris, are large muscle groups located in the frontal part of our thighs. The quads can be subdivided into four muscles: the vastus lateralis (in the outer part of the thigh), the vastus medialis (in the inner part of the thigh), the rectus femoris (between the previous two, in the middle of the thigh), and the vastus intermedius (also in the middle, but behind the vastus medialis, which covers it).

The main function of the quads is to extend the knee joint. This is obviously a crucial movement for all sorts of activities, including simply walking, and the quads are inescapably involved in most of what we demand from our bodies throughout the day. Indeed, they are an often neglected focus of accumulated tension and stiffness.

This brings us to the subject of massage therapy. Leg massages are both popular and effective in relaxing tired muscles, decreasing inflammation, promoting recovery, improving mobility, and relieving pain, tightness, and strains. Whether you’re an athlete or just someone whose quads could use some special attention, Pulseroll’s Massage Gun will become an incredible addition to your daily routine.

massage gun on quads

How to use a Massage Gun on your quads

The following are our general recommendations, but you should naturally experiment and find out what works best for you. Most of the time, it’s wise to trust our bodies: don’t do anything that feels too uncomfortable or painful and find out what feels good.

Power setting and attachment head choice

Start out with the big round head and the lower speed settings, and then explore the different options.


We will recommend two different methods, depending on whether you are massaging your muscles before working out, to warm up and improve mobility, or massaging to relax and take care of tired quads.


This is a very quick and efficient way to massage before exercising.

  • Stand on your feet
  • Start by applying the massage gun horizontally, along the width of the leg, on the upper part of the thigh, near the waist, for about 10 seconds.
  • Do the same on the lower part of the thigh, just above the knee.
  • Apply the massage gun vertically, up and down the thigh, at different spots, also for about 10 seconds.

To recover or relax

  • You can sit or lie down for this one, making sure that the thigh muscles are relaxed, but it can also be performed on your feet.
  • Our main recommendation to take care of tired or sore muscles is, again, to experiment with different kinds of movement and to simply try to hit as many muscle fibres as possible, paying special attention to trigger points.
  • Use the massage gun for a minimum of two minutes.


Pulseroll’s Massage Gun is a revolutionary tool for self-therapy that allows you to experience the benefits of a deep-tissue massage anytime and anywhere you want.

Using a Massage Gun on your quads can do wonders towards ensuring a good post-workout recovery, alleviating soreness, or giving your thighs some deserved attention after a busy day.

Try the power of this fantastic technology on your quads and feel the results for yourself!


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