Foam Roller Exercises - Hamstring Hurdle Stretches

The hamstrings are an important part of the lower body, consisting of muscles which run along the backs of your thighs. It’s not unusual for these to become tight during and after exercise as this muscle group plays a role in walking, running, jumping, bending of the knees and function of the hip. The solution? Use a foam roller to release muscle tension, softening the connective muscle tissue in the area through targeting trigger points and knots. One of the best exercises you can undertake with a foam roller on your hamstrings is hurdle stretches. However, it’s important to use the right techniques when stretching these muscles to minimise the risks of injury. In our expert video guide, we show you how to safely use a vibrating foam roller for hamstring hurdle stretches while using both arms and the other leg for support and positioning. Watch the Pulseroll in action now. Also find this post on our Google+ profile.

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    CYCLONE Pro - Pulseroll
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    IGNITE Heat (Heated Head) - Pulseroll