Foam Roller for the Back Shoulder Muscles

Foam Roller for the Back Shoulder Muscles - Pulseroll
When performing any exercises which involve the upper body, the shoulders often take much of the impact, leading to muscle tightness or even sports injuries. Covering a wide area, the shoulder muscles can appear in anterior, posterior and lateral positions, connecting to other parts of the body such as the arms. It’s easy to use a vibrating foam roller anywhere you need it, being a portable and lightweight product. The combination of both vibrations and pressure as you roll helps to enhance blood flow to targeted muscles and soften the tissue to improve both performance and recovery. In this expert video guide, take a look how to use a peanut massage ball on the shoulder muscles located in the back. You’ll see how to position the roller under your body while moving your arms to effectively move over the Pulseroll. Keep the soles of your feet flat on the floor to provide the right support. Watch the Pulseroll in action now.

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