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Foam Roller Exercise for Hands

Foam Roller Exercise for Hands - Pulseroll

If you’re experiencing muscle soreness in the hands after training, it could be triggered by certain exercises. This can be common after weight lifting, or any other activities which require flexion and strength in the hands and fingers.

Using a foam roller has become a popular method for relieving muscle tightness both before and after physical activity. The rolling technique used helps to soften muscle tissues, increase blood flow to the area and flush away lactic acid. This relieves sore and painful muscles and can be used for general well-being and relaxation while at home, the gym or anywhere else of your choosing.

In our expert video guide, we’ll show you one of the most effective techniques to use a vibrating foam roller ball on your hands. Its peanut shape is ideal for targeting smaller areas across the palms. Our simple exercise rolls the Pulseball under your hands to add a little more pressure for a deeper massage while kneeling on an exercise mat for support.

Watch the Pulseball in action now.

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