Foam Roller Ball for the Back Shoulder Muscles

Foam Roller Ball for the Back Shoulder Muscles - Pulseroll

When warming up muscles and recovering after exercise, the benefits of using a foam roller are now widely appreciated by gym goers, athletes, yoga-enthusiasts and anyone else interested in improving their health and well-being.

However, while foam rolling the lower body is a much-seen practice, muscles groups in the upper body shouldn’t be neglected. This includes the shoulder muscles which can become tight after physical activity, especially if undertaking exercises such as weightlifting and bench presses.

A vibrating foam roller is the ideal product to soften connective tissue, enhance blood flow to the area and flush away lactic acid. Foam rolling can also help with range of motion and flexibility, improving performance across a wide range of activities.

In this expert video guide, we’ll show you how to effectively foam roll using a vibrating peanut ball on the back of the shoulders. Move across the unique shape of the roller to work knots and perform a deeper massage on stubborn trigger points.

Watch the Pulseball in action now.


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