A Guide To The 6 Best Theragun Alternatives in 2023

A Guide To The 6 Best Theragun Alternatives in 2023 - Pulseroll

If you know the history of massage guns, you must have heard about Theragun. It has been one of the market leaders in percussion massage therapy at home. Over the past few years, there has been a remarkable improvement in percussive massage technology.

The high price has always been an issue with Theragun, due to which people look for the best Theragun alternatives. With more brands entering the percussive massage tools industry, you can now find various massage tools besides the popular Theragun. 

If you want to learn about Theragun alternatives and their worth, this comprehensive guide is for you. You can find the best Theragun alternatives in this guide, along with the specifications to help you decide which you will need.  

Product Table

Here is a quick summary of our top picks for the best Theragun alternatives you need to check out in 2023. You can read the detailed overview below in the article.

Theragun Alternatives




Battery Life

Pulseroll Pro Massage Gun


1.1 kg

12 months

3-5 hours

TimTam Power Massager Pro


0.9 kg

90 days

1 hour

Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Pro


1.18 kg

12 months

3 hours

Hydragun Massage Gun


1.04 kg

18 months

6 hours

Recovapro SE - Bluetooth Enabled


1.1 kg

24 months

4 hours

Pulseroll Mini Massage Gun


0.6 kg

12 months

2.5-6 hours

Do I need the Best Theragun Alternative?

Muscle recovery is a vital need of our fitness routine. Whether you’re looking to get fit, train faster or harder, get stronger or break some PBs, recovery is an important feature in achieving any of these goals, alongside a clean diet, hydration and sleep.

Gone are the days of simple recovery sticks and resistance bands. Now is the era of vibration technology and percussion massagers. 

The benefits of massage guns for muscle recovery are an open secret now. If you want the best value for the best price, you need to check out the best Theragun alternatives. They offer better technology, more variety, reliability, and affordability. 

Make sure you know how to use a massage gun and follow the necessary precautions to get the best results. 

How to Choose a Theragun Alternative

Choosing a Theragun alternative can be challenging, especially if you are doing it for the first time. The availability of multiple options may need clarification on which one to opt for. Here is how you can choose a better Theragun alternative. 

Explore the Best Theragun Alternative

There might be countless products in the market, so you must consider only the best massage guns to save time. 

You may enlist all the potential options or use a guide to explore the best options experts and professionals suggest. Once you have all the names, learn about the product specifications, pros, cons, method of usage, and precautions about each massage gun. 

You can choose the right massage gun only when you know the available options in detail. 

Compare Features

Every person has varied massaging needs; therefore, the desired massage gun features also vary. Some want a massage gun with long battery life, while others want high speed. 

You can compare your desired features to shortlist your favourite alternatives. The following are some features that can help you determine the quality and performance of the massage gun. 

  • Weight
  • Noise
  • Speed
  • Stall force
  • Stroke length
  • Battery life

After comparing the features of different massage guns, your list of the best Theragun alternatives will automatically narrow down. 

Compare Price

Price is an important factor when investing in a massage gun. Usually, people look for a Theragun alternative because of its high prices. Set a budget and then compare your shortlisted massage guns for their prices. 

You may be tempted to choose the one with the lowest price but remember; you must not compromise on the quality and performance for the price. You must consider your affordability, but spending a little more on a high-quality and reliable massage gun would be better. 

Rank the Alternatives

Once you have compared all the available Theragun alternatives, you can rank them. The ranking makes it easy for you to decide based on your preference. You can rank each massage gun separately for each feature or go for an overall ranking.  

One way you might rank them is by the date the company was founded - there have been many "money-grabbers" in the industry who create subpar products to make a quick buck in recent years.

We know this all too well. We were founded in 2016, before Therabody, so we've seen our fair share of copycats in the industry!

Make a Decision

Finally, you must decide and pick the best Theragun alternative for yourself. Make sure you choose a device after thoroughly researching it to avoid any inconvenience in future. You may refer to customer reviews if you struggle to choose one massage gun from the best Theragun alternatives. 

They help you decide if the device is worth it or not. It is better to check online reviews on more than one website to analyse them better. 

Strengths and Weaknesses of Theragun

If you have prior knowledge of massage guns, then you’ve probably heard of Theragun. They offer a selection of massage guns, ranging from the Theragun Mini at £175 to the Theragun Pro at £549.

Theragun has been a leader in the massage gun industry and people’s top choice for a reliable self-massage tool. However, now there are better and more affordable Theragun alternatives in the market that provide higher value for money.

Let’s have a look at the strengths and weaknesses of Theragun to have a critical analysis of this tool. 

Strengths of Theragun

Theragun excels in several aspects that make it stand out from the crowd. Let’s have a look at the strengths of Theragun.  

Great Ergonomics

You cannot deny that Theragun has exceptional ergonomics compared to many of its alternatives. The massage gun’s triangular design makes it easy for users to handle. You can hold it from different angles to reach different body areas for your workout recovery. 

Theragun Pro’s adjustable arm allows you to change into four lockable positions to use it on different muscle areas without changing the grip. 

Strong Stroke Length

The stroke length of a massage gun represents how deeply it penetrates the muscles. Theragun’s 16mm amplitude offers industry-leading stroke length that ensures a deep tissue massage for your body. 

Interchangeable Batteries

Theragun Pro comes with interchangeable batteries that you can easily swap if you want to use the massage gun continuously. It allows you to use the massage gun, even if the battery runs out, by switching it with the charged one. In the meantime, you can charge the battery without stopping using the percussion massager. 

Weaknesses of Theragun

There are some areas that Theragun needs to work on to offer a worthy massage experience to users. Following are some of the weaknesses of Theragun that lead users to look for the best Theragun alternatives. 

Low Stall Force

The stall force represents the pressure your massage gun can stand before stalling. You tend to apply higher pressure during deep tissue massage, so you need a massage gun with high stall force. 

Unfortunately, Theragun is not the best massage gun regarding stall force. Due to inadequate stall force, the stroke length of the gun also becomes ineffective. 

Inadequate Battery Performance

The battery performance of Theragun needs to be improved, and customers often complain about the average battery performance. The claimed battery life is around 150 minutes, but the gun struggles to work efficiently after two hours. 

It takes around two hours to charge the Theragun fully, and it works for the same amount of time. This is not a flattering feature for users.  

Lack of Affordability

The prices of Theragun massage guns are not attractive to many customers. The high prices do not make sense compared to the features against it. The Theragun Mini, Prime, and Pro prices are too high compared to competitors with similar or better features.   

Why Should You Buy a Theragun Alternative?

Why Should You Buy a Theragun Alternative

Although Theragun has compelling benefits, it must work on several factors. Multiple reasons make buying a Theragun alternative important. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why you should buy a Theragun alternative. 

To Avoid Loud Noise 

Massage therapy is meant to relax your muscles and body, but intense noise can disturb the process. Theragun Pro is a noisy device that may give you a headache with its loud mechanism. You may use a massage gun in a gym, office, or outdoors. It needs to be quiet so that you do not cause disturbance for others. 

Therefore, you need a quieter Theragun alternative that you can easily use indoors and outdoors. 

Explore Varied Attachments

Different head attachments target different muscle groups in the body. You may not find much variety in the attachment heads of the Theragun. If you want various attachments, buy a Theragun alternative. 

Get More Accessories

The entry-level versions of the Theragun offer fewer accessories than you may expect from a high-end massage gun. Theragun Mini comes only with ball attachments, while Theragun Prime only includes four attachments. Many Theragun alternatives come with more and better accessories. 

Better Battery Performance

Various customers complain about the average performance of batteries in Theragun. The average battery life ranges between 120-150 minutes which is quite low compared to the best Theragun alternatives. If you want a massage gun with longer battery life for travelling or any other purpose, you must consider Theragun alternatives. 

Better Affordability

Let’s face it; Theragun’s prices are quite high for an average buyer. You need the most affordable Theragun alternative according to your budget. The best affordable Theragun alternative offers the best quality and promising performance besides a low price. 

Better Warranty

The one-year warranty offered by Theragun may not be enough for most customers investing in this massage tool. Besides Theragun Pro, other Theragun massage guns offer one year warranty only. You need to check out alternatives for a longer warranty period. Some alternatives may even offer lifetime warranties also.  

Better Overall Performance

The most compelling reason for buying a Theragun alternative is better performance. The best Theragun alternatives offer more stall force, stroke length, and speed settings than Theragun. Additionally, the battery life and warranty are also more lucrative than Theragun.  

6 Best Theragun Alternatives

We’ll look at the top 6 alternatives to Theragun, which we’ve selected with care because they have the closest technical specifications to Theragun’s massage guns.

1. Pulseroll Pro Massage Gun

    Pulseroll Pro Massage Gun

    Pulseroll is quickly becoming Britain’s leading muscle recovery brand, with a range of recovery products (from electric foam rollers to massage guns) and athlete and team partnerships. The Pro Massage Gun is a massage gun offered by Pulseroll with quiet noise technology. This means that the device produces negligible sound while in use. 

    You can use the massage gun for around 3-5 hours with a single charge, depending on your speed setting. This Theragun alternative has an intuitive and easy-to-use LED control panel to give you better control over the device.

    Let’s take a closer look at its features:

    Key Features

    Price: £224.99

    Weight: 1.1 kg

    Amplitude: 12 mm

    Speed levels: 4 (1300 - 3300 RPM)

    Noise levels: 70 dB

    Battery life: 3 - 5 Hours

    Warranty: 12 Months

    Attachment heads: 6 (Large round head, Small round head, Flat head, Pneumatic head, Spinal head, Bullet head)


    • It comes in a travel-friendly carrying case to keep the device secure. 
    • The long battery life offers more durability to the massage gun. 
    • It is lightweight and portable. 
    • The device is approved by professional athletes and physios and is safe to use. 
    • It comes with six head attachments to facilitate a full-body massage. 


    • It offers only four seed levels compared to five levels offered by other competitors. 

    2. TimTam Power Massager Pro™

       TimTam Power Massager Pro™

      Tim Tam Power Massager Pro is among the top two best Theragun alternatives due to its deep massage feature. Its high stroke depth allows the percussion to reach deeper into the muscles and treat all the knots and soreness. 

      The lightweight device is easy to hold and use across your body. It can easily handle an applied force of up to 75 lbs without hampering. This device is intended for athletes, coaches and physios, amongst others. 

      This massage gun employs heat technology to add yet another layer of recovery. The heated tip of the massage gun transfers the heat deep into the muscles. This leads to faster muscle recovery with long-lasting results. 

      Key Features

      Price: £379.21

      Weight: 0.9 kg

      Amplitude: 12 mm

      Speed levels: 3 (1000 - 2800 RPM)

      Noise levels: 10 - 25 dB

      Battery life: 1 Hour

      Warranty: 90 Days

      Attachment heads: 3 (Heated head, Vibrating head, Plain head)


      • It offers more stroke depth (20 mm) than many other alternatives, which allows it to penetrate deeper into the muscles. 
      • Whisper quiet motor enables noise-less massage therapy. 
      • The 175° rotating arm in the device helps you easily reach different muscle groups in the body. 
      • Lighter than other alternatives on the list. 


      • The device has a shorter battery life than other Theragun alternatives. 
      • The warranty is only 90 days despite the massager being considerably more expensive than many competitors.
      • The device comes with only three head attachments. 
      • One of the more expensive Theragun alternatives. 

      3. Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Pro

        Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Pro

        If you have been looking for a powerful percussive massage gun, Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Pro can be an ideal choice. The built-in pressure sensors make it one of the best Theragun alternatives. The device has lights representing the pressure and massage distribution so you can ensure optimal pressure distribution across muscles. 

        The Hypervolt 2 Pro is an impressive kit with 5-speed levels and head attachments. You can use the massage gun for as long as three hours with a single charge. This particular massage gun also offers Bluetooth connectivity to connect to the Hyperice App for automated speed control.

        Key Features

        Price: £379

        Weight: 1.18 kg (2.6 lb)

        Amplitude: Not listed on the site

        Speed levels: 5 (levels not listed)

        Noise levels: Not listed on site but uses a brushless high-torque 90W motor.

        Battery life: 3 Hours

        Warranty: 12 Months

        Attachment heads: 5 (Forkhead, Ball head, Cushion head, Flat head, Bullet head)


        • It is more powerful than Theragun as it offers 2700 percussions per minute.
        • Built-in pressure sensors help in enhanced muscle recovery treatment. 
        • Connects with the Hyprice app to enable better control over your muscle treatment.  


        • Fewer head attachments than Theragun. 
        • Heavier than other Theragun alternatives. 
        • With a stroke depth of 14mm, it does not penetrate as deep into the muscles as other massage guns. 

        4. Hydragun Massage Gun

          Hydragun Massage Gun

          Hydragun is reportedly (self-reported) the quietest massage gun on the market. It’s got an amazing 6-hour battery life, one of the longest we’ve seen. It boasts 7 different attachment heads (4 plastic and 3 metal) to offer a variety of massages on different muscle areas.

          The thoughtful design makes it easy to handle and safe to use at home.  

          Key Features

          Price: £269

          Weight: 1.04 kg (2.3 lb)

          Amplitude: 12 mm

          Speed levels: Unknown. Top speed 3200 RPM.

          Noise levels: 30 - 50 dB

          Battery life: 6 Hours

          Warranty: 18 Months

          Attachment heads: 7 (Ball head, Forkhead, Bullet head, Curved head, Steel round head, Steel flat head, Domed steelhead)


          • The exceptionally long battery life makes it ideal for professional use. 
          • It offers a better warranty than Theragun. 
          • It offers the most head attachments among the best Theragun alternatives. 
          • It is an affordable Theragun alternative. 


          • Contrary to its claims, the Hydragun Massage Gun isn’t the quietest on the market. 

          5. Recovapro SE - Bluetooth Enabled

            Recovapro SE - The all new Bluetooth enabled Massage Gun

            The Recovapro SE is yet another Bluetooth-enabled massage gun with smart app integration. It is a versatile device with some of the most attractive features. It has 5 speeds and 5 attachment heads, with an amplitude of 14mm, so you can customise your massage with this one.

            The device has a minimalistic square design with a high-quality build. The charger comes with four international plugs that are great for travelling. 

            Key Features

            Price: £359 

            Weight: 1.1 kg

            Amplitude: 14 mm

            Speed levels: 5 (1400 - 3200 RPM)

            Noise levels: Not listed on the site

            Battery life: 4 Hours

            Warranty: 24 Months

            Attachment heads: 5 (Thumb head, Flat head, Forkhead, Bullet head, Ball head)


            • It has a longer battery life, making it ideal for athletes and professional bodybuilders. 
            • The device has a better amplitude than other alternatives on the list. 
            • It has an amazing battery life compared to Theragun and its alternatives. 


            • It may not be the best affordable Theragun alternative.
            • It may get loud at high speed. 

            6. Pulseroll Mini Massage Gun

            Mini message gun

            Pulseroll mini massage gun is a pocket-friendly percussion massager built on quiet motion technology. The ergonomic design and intuitive controls make it easy to use to reduce muscle tension. From physiotherapists to professional athletes, people use it to recover from sports injuries, warm up the muscles, cool down post-workout, and reduce muscle soreness.  

            Key Features

            Price: £129.99

            Weight: 0.6 kg

            Amplitude: 8 mm

            Speed levels: 4 (1800 - 3000 RPM)

            Noise levels: 50-70 dB

            Battery life: 2.5 - 6 Hours

            Warranty: 12 Months

            Attachment heads: 4 (Small round head, Pneumatic head, Spinal head, Bullet head)


            • It is handy and lightweight. 
            • The mini massage gun offers one of the longest battery life. 
            • The ergonomic design allows you to reach any muscle group with either hand. 
            • It is the most affordable Theragun alternative on the list.  


            • The massage gun has the lowest amplitude among other Theragun alternatives on the list (mainly because it's mini!)

            What to look for in a Massage Gun

            With so many massage guns in the market, you may need help finding the right one for yourself. You must know the factors and characteristics to look for in a massage gun. 

            We’ve tried to help you by putting together our top recommendations regarding what to look for in a massage gun.


            Price is probably the most important factor in buying a massage gun. You must buy a massage gun as an alternative to expensive professional massages. If a massage gun costs more than £500, you may as well be subscribing to a professional massage service.

            You don’t want to end up on the opposite side of the scale, paying almost nothing for getting a low-quality product. Some massage guns might be pricing themselves out of the market as many people associate a high price with high quality.

            Price is a really important factor when selecting a massage gun, so always run a cost-benefit analysis before making a decision. 


            Most people ignore this important factor when buying a massage gun. As a result, they buy heavy devices that are difficult to handle. Remember that a massage gun is a handheld device which is mostly held single-handedly. It would be difficult for you to hold a heavy massage gun for too long. 

            Additionally, it would be hard to reach difficult muscle areas such as the back of the neck, back, shoulders, and back of your legs with a heavy massage gun. The best Theragun alternative must be easy to hold and control. 


            The massage gun amplitude tells you how deep it penetrates the area it’s applied to. So, if you’ve got that massage gun pointed at your quads and has an amplitude of 12mm, then the massage gun should penetrate 12mm deep into your quad muscles. 

            As a rule of thumb, the higher the amplitude, the more effective the massage gun.

            Speed Settings

            Just like one size may not always fit all, a single speed setting may not be right for all muscles. Speed settings allow you to control the number of percussions per minute hitting your muscles when you position the massage gun. You need different speed levels to treat muscle aches and pain. 

            If you come across a massage gun with just one speed setting, please do not pick it up because it would have limited use. Choose a massage gun with various speed settings, so you can start with slow and controlled pulses and work your way up from there, depending on your requirements. 

            Noise levels

            Unsurprisingly, massage guns, like many other electronic devices, let out a certain level of sound. Now that they’re no longer a new recovery tool, noise-dampening within massage guns has become much more perfect. You should be able to find a massage gun that doesn’t ruin the calming feel of a percussive massage. 

            Battery Life

            All of the best Theragun alternatives come with a rechargeable battery to make massage at home easier. When selecting your massage gun, be sure to select one with longer battery life. Anything less than two hours probably isn’t going to be worth it if you are an athlete or fitness trainer. 


            Most brands will now state a warranty period for their massage guns. For peace of mind, you might want to go for a massage gun with a warranty period of at least one year. 

            Head Attachment 

            Massage guns come with different head attachments to target different areas of the body. For instance, a round head is good for focused massage, while a spinal head targets muscles around the spine. 

            You should look out for a massage gun that at least comes with a round head, flat head and pneumatic head as a minimum. These heads are vital for a basic full-body massage. 

            Carrying Case

            Buying a massage gun is a significant investment, and you must ensure that it provides you with the best value for a long time. A carrying case is crucial for keeping the massage gun and its accessories secure.

            Sometimes you may get a storage box instead of a carrying case that serves the same purpose. Usually, brands include a carrying case in the total cost of the gun, but you must ensure it before buying the gun. 

            Are Massage Guns Worth it?

            Massage guns are used on muscles and offer percussive therapy, delivering strikes and strong vibrations deep in the muscle tissue. This deep, percussive treatment increases blood flow to the muscles, which in turn helps to improve flexibility and range of motion, help pain relief and inflammation, and improve recovery.

            So, are massage guns really worth it, or are they just overhyped? Yes, they are worth it. A massage gun makes percussion therapy handy and affordable for you, eliminating the need for costly massage sessions.  

            Bottom Line

            Finding a reliable Theragun alternative is not difficult in 2023. Various options are available with better performance, lower prices, and high reliability than the Theraguns. When it comes to the best Theragun alternatives, many brands and massage guns offer high-quality technical specifications at an affordable price.

            Explore the leading percussion massage therapy tools to find the best affordable Theragun alternative that meets your requirements. 

            Frequently Asked Questions

            What is a good alternative for a Theragun?

            The Pulseroll Pro massage gun is a good alternative to a Theragun as it provides better performance at a lesser price. 

            Who shouldn’t use Theragun?

            People with open wounds, rash, heart problems, abdominal hernia, hypertension, osteoporosis, spinal deformity, or recent surgery should not use Theragun. Pregnant women or people with abnormal sensations must consult a doctor before using Theragun. 

            Is Theragun worth the extra cost?

            No, Theragun is not worth the extra cost. You can easily find the best Theragun alternatives with better features and lower rates.  

            Is it possible to overuse a Theragun?

            Yes, it is possible to overuse a Theragun if you exceed using it for more than 2 minutes on a muscle group and 15 minutes on a full body. 

            Why are percussion massagers so expensive?

            Percussion massagers are expensive because they are manufactured using quiet and powerful motors and long-lasting batteries. 

            Can a Theragun break up fat?

            No, Theragun cannot break up fat. It may accelerate the fat breakdown process, so you may lose belly fat or lose weight, but does not break down fat cells directly.

            What are the disadvantages of a massage gun?

            The disadvantages of a massage gun are the risk of muscle soreness, bruising, inflammation, or injury. They are usually have a high price tag and can be bulky sometimes. 

            How many times a week should you use a Theragun?

            You should use a Theragun once daily for a regular massage, while you may use it twice daily for muscle recovery. 

            How long will Theragun last?

            Theragun will last between 2-5 hours. The battery life depends on the power setting and usage. 

            Can a Theragun cause nerve damage?

            Yes, Theragun can cause nerve damage if you do not place and use it properly. 

            Why am I sore after Theragun?

            You may be sore after using a Theragun because of the tissue breakdown around the muscles. If you feel too sore, you have pushed the gun too hard onto your skin. 

            Where should you not use a massage gun?

            You should not use a massage gun on open wounds, cuts, bones, joints, front of the neck, spine, kidneys, and painful areas. 

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