Back Massager for the Best Pain Relief

Back Massager for the Best Pain Relief - Pulseroll

Finding the right back massager to ease pain can be an overwhelming task. With so many gadgets on the market claiming to be the best, who do we trust?

Back pain is such a common issue and normally improves on its own over time. It can be felt anywhere along the spine, from the neck down to the hips. In most cases it’s not caused by anything serious and can easily be treated using the right techniques and products.

How to Treat Back Pain:

  • Stretches and exercises targeted towards the back; Pilates can be particularly helpful.
  • Using hot or cold compression packs on sore areas.
  • Back massage using a foam roller or percussion gun.

If you experience back pain due to a medical condition such as sciatica, make sure to seek medical advice before using any massage products.

foam roller for back massages

Pulseroll Back Massager:

The Pulseroll Vibrating foam roller uses vibration technology to get deep into the muscle tissue, providing benefits similar to a sports massage.

It works by breaking up knots and sore spots in the muscles. This not only eases soreness but can also improve flexibility and range of motion, as well as preventing future injury. Foam rolling is a form of self-myofascial release, which basically means it relaxes contracted muscles and improves circulation, easing irritated areas.

The new Pulseroll Massage Gun is also incredibly effective for easing back pain. As far as back massagers go, this product is definitely up there with the best of them.

Whereas the foam roller can target a large area, reaching across the width of the back and shoulders, the massage gun can target smaller areas and specific muscles. It uses percussive therapy to deliver pulses and vibrations deep into the muscle tissue. It has 6 different attachment heads and 4 speed settings, making it versatile enough to suit everyone’s individual needs.

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