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All you need to know about a deep tissue massage

All you need to know about a deep tissue massage - Pulseroll

A deep tissue massage is a technique that is typically used to treat sports injuries and muscle strains. It involves applying pressure using slow strokes to target deep into the muscles and connective tissue.

So, what does it do? How does it help? Who can benefit from it? Read on to find out everything you need to know about deep tissues massages and the benefits associated with this massage technique.

What are the deep tissue massage benefits?

This massage technique helps to break up scar tissue from muscle related injuries. It also promotes faster healing in the muscle by increasing blood flow which, in turn, reduces inflammation and soreness. A deep tissue massage helps to ease foot pain, such as plantar fasciitis, as well as most sport related injuries and muscular problems. As well as being a popular treatment method for those who regularly partake in sports, a deep tissue massage also has been reported to help relieve sciatica pain.

Additionally, another benefit of this kind of massage is the psychological benefits! Many people find this massage technique as a great way to mentally unwind, relax and improve their mood.

The deep tissue massage benefits aren’t just muscle and pain-related; a deep tissue massage can help to lower blood pressure, heart rate and stress levels. Specifically a deep tissue back massage is a perfect way to combine muscle therapy and relaxation in one go.

massage gun for deep tissue massage

Who can benefit from a deep tissue massage?

This massage technique is generally used to treat sports injuries, but it can be beneficial for anyone suffering from aches and pains in the muscles from various medical conditions or other non-sport related injuries.

People who benefit from a deep tissue massage often include those suffering from whiplash, repetitive strain, the recovery process from falls, muscle tension or spasms. It has also been found to be effective in relieving osteoarthritis pain!

A deep tissue massage is also recommended for fibromyalgia pain. This has been reported since an improvement in range of motion is usually immediately noticeable.

Deep tissue massage tools

A qualified massage therapist will be able to provide the most effective treatment, but if you are low on funds or may not be able to get out to one, using muscle recovery tools in the comfort of your own home may be a good alternative.

The Pulseroll massage gun uses percussion therapy to get deep into the muscle tissue. It uses short strong pulses which are similar to a deep tissue massage. It can be used all over the body, but is particularly effective on the back and shoulders to relieve pain and improve posture.

Important information: It shouldn’t be applied directly over bruises, inflamed skin, rashes or wounds, fragile bones, tumours or abdominal hernias. If you have recently had any medical procedures or are pregnant, please check with your doctor.

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