5 ways to kick start your post-pandemic fitness journey

5 ways to kick start your post-pandemic fitness journey - Pulseroll

Coming out of lockdown feels an awful lot like emerging from a long hibernation and blinking into the sunlight. We could all do with a little nudge to improve our health after months of uncertainty, so here are five easy ways to kickstart your fitness after lockdown.

restart after covid

Don’t worry

If you’ve gained a few pounds over the last few months, don’t beat yourself up about it. Similarly, if you started well, doing your government-approved daily walks (remember those?! What a time) but have found that regular exercise has slipped off the radar recently, don’t sweat it. It’s been an incredibly weird six months and honestly, when else will you have the excuse of ‘global pandemic’ to explain why you haven’t been to the gym?!

We’ve had to adjust to different ways of doing practically everything, so it’s no surprise that it’s taken a little bit of time to adjust to the pressures of life in a COVID world.

Take it easy

If you were used to hitting the gym or pounding the pavements three days a week pre-pandemic, don’t assume that you can just immediately get back to doing that. Start off slow and give your body a chance to adjust, as it’s no fun to be writhing around in agony the day after pushing yourself too far during a heavy exercise session.

So you’ve only been doing 3,000 steps a day? Haven’t we all since having to work from home. Dust off your Fitbit and start slow – go for a 30 min walk before sitting down at your desk and go from there. Something as simple as refreshing your gym gear can help you get back into the swing of things.

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Build it up

You’ll be surprised at how quickly things will become second nature if you keep at it. Even if you’ve never exercised before, if you are willing to commit and consistently work at it you’ll see great improvements in your health.

Get involved

Now that COVID-19 restrictions are easing, there’s no need to shut yourself in with only Joe Wicks on YouTube for company Having people around you when you’re all working towards a common goal can be incredibly motivating, so seek out an outdoor exercise class or get back to the gym if you feel comfortable doing so.

Make it something you love

The absolute holy grail of fitness is finding something you genuinely enjoy, whether that’s rock climbing or rugby, free weights or footie. You won’t be clock watching if you’re too busy having a laugh, and you’ll be much more likely to actually do it every week if you’re not dreading it.

As part of a fitness journey, it is important to take in account your recovery and how you take care of yourself. Using the correct muscle recovery equipment is key for your fitness journey. Here at Pulseroll, we have vibrating recovery products which can provide you with a deep tissue massage at home, this means that you wouldn't need to go to a physio yourself and you provide yourself with the recovery that your body needs!

From foam rollers to massage guns, we’ve got it all. Head over to our shopping hub to find out more!


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