How to Easily Increase Your Gains and Recovery (NEW) – Pulseroll

How to Easily Increase Your Gains and Recovery (NEW)


I was struggling with muscle pains and soreness in the gym which led to me skipping sessions or not being able to lift as heavy consistently… but that all changed when I discovered the Pulseroll Ignite Mini massage gun because after using this product all of my muscle soreness went away meaning no skipped sessions and more time for gainz in the gym.

1. Percussion is the new recovery KING.

The Pulseroll Ignite Mini massage will get you moving and lifting heavy again in no time.

Specifically designed to increase recovery and reduce muscle soreness and strain through the power of percussion. Increasing blood flow and flushing away lactic acid increases your overall performance in the gym.


2. There is nothing better than heat.

Let Heat Therapy take your recovery to the next level, with the free Heat Active Head. Trust me, it feels great.

Percussion therapy is already an amazing post-workout tool, you’ll boost your recovery and feel more relaxed in no time. But when combined with 45-55℃ heat therapy applied directly to your muscles it will take your recovery to that next level.


3. Scientifically Proven benefits in the palm of your hands.

The Pulseroll Ignite Mini is scientifically proven to increase blood flow by up to 22%, relax tense muscles and improve range of motion by 14% which all work together to provide you with increased recovery and performance.

Get ready to smash your PRs…


4. We promise you'll feel the effects. Or it’s free.

If you don't experience elevated recovery and performance within 90 days (which you won't) you can get your money back. No questions asked. 

And if anything goes wrong with your product our 2-year warranty has got you covered with a free replacement.

So why not give it a try, free of risk?


5. 1000s of happy gym-goers LOVE Pulseroll!

"Thank goodness for the Pulseroll massage gun and vibration foam rollers. I used to avoid the gym and weight training as my muscles hurt SO much that I was out of action for a few days. Since using the products after my workout, I have recovered so much quicker. Gamechanger!!" - Charlotte

“My partner bought me a mini massage gun a few weeks ago for my birthday and I love it apart from the fact that she keeps stealing it to also use herself! The heated head feature is amazing and overall is all very premium, it is true in that you get what you pay for in life! 5 stars from me 🌟” - JB

“Great products from Pulseroll - bought the mini percussion gun and vibrating roller. Both are super easy to use and very effective. I can feel a difference in my sore back and tight hips using them.” - Gill


Don't wait any longer for Boosted Recovery!

Save Up to 50% compared to other leading brands

Plus get free shipping and a 90 day money-back guarantee


Don't wait any longer for Boosted Recovery!

Get free shipping and a 90 day money-back guarantee