What does a foam roller do for your body?

What does a foam roller do for your body? - Pulseroll

Foam rolling: what is it? How does it work? What does a foam roller do for your body??

We’ve probably all tried out a foam roller at some point in our lives, often in an attempt to ‘roll through the pain’; some of us love it and some hate it. So why do we put ourselves through this process of foam rolling?

Most of us do it because, well, we’ve been told it’s good for us. So what does a foam roller do for your body?

Read our article to find out more about what a foam roller does for your body and the foam roller benefits that come with this process.

foam roller for lower back

How does foam rolling work?

Foam rolling works by providing myofascial release to the body. The term fascia refers to the thin layer of tissue that surrounds our body parts, from organs to muscles. Although not everyone has heard of our fascia, it is extremely important as it is essentially the thing that holds our bodies together and is very sensitive. When fascia is healthy, it’s flexible, but when it becomes inflamed it can tighten and cause a lot of pain. This is what you feel in your muscles when you’ve done a tough workout… The fibres tear and cause inflammation.

But don’t worry. They do actually rebuild themselves and this is how we build muscle. They will gradually rebuild themselves in time, but to speed up the process you could try using muscle recovery tools such as a foam roller. The pressure and movement of using a foam roller stimulates blood flow to the muscles, which helps to rebuild the fascia a lot faster.

What are the benefits?

Foam roller benefits include the obvious and most important one: easing muscle soreness. But did you know it can also improve mobility, flexibility, and range of motion? It can increase circulation in the body and even help improve sleep!

You can use a foam roller on any muscle on the body, but be careful not to use it directly on any joints or bones!

Muscle recovery tools from Pulseroll

foam rolling thighs

Here at Pulseroll, we know the importance of looking after your body and your muscles so we decided to take a standard foam roller and make it into something more advanced and innovative! By adding our performance enhancing vibration technology, and providing a new spin on the standard foam roller, it means that the clever vibration technology does all the work so there’s less need to physically roll. The vibrations get deep into the muscle tissue to promote blood flow.

A vibrating foam roller can actually give better and quicker results compared to a standard foam roller, as is shown in our scientific research. Scientific studies on Pulseroll products have proven an increase in training recovery and circulation by 22% and improved ROM (range of movement) by 14%!

Make sure to try out the vibrating foam roller today and feel the benefits for yourself.