Vibrating Foam Roller for Lats While Sitting

Vibrating Foam Roller for Lats While Sitting - Pulseroll
As one the largest muscles in the upper body, the latissimus dorsi (lats) starts at the back and covers part of the rib cage, iliac crest (hip) and the inferior angle of the scapula. It plays an important role in exercises such as pull-downs, chin-ups, pull-ups and swimming. If experiencing tightness in the lats, using a vibrating foam roller is the ideal way to provide self-myofascial release, targeting trigger points and relieving areas of tension in the muscle. The blend of intense vibrations and pressure applied offers a deeper massage to enhance blood flow to the area and achieve effective results. Use both pre and post workout to maximise the effects. Now, in our handy guide, we show you how to use a foam roller to target both the inner arm and side simultaneously, holding the roller in between these areas while in a sitting position for support. Watch the Pulseroll in action now. Also find this post on our Google+ profile.