Vibrating Foam Roller for Glutes

Vibrating Foam Roller for Glutes - Pulseroll

The glute muscles are located in the bottom, and are an important muscle group for hip rotation, walking and running. Connected to various other muscles, if they become too tight, it can cause pain in other areas such as your lower back, knees, pelvis and hips. The unique action of foam rolling helps to increase blood flow to the area, releasing muscle tension while targeting specific trigger points in the muscles. It’s important to use a foam roller on your glutes both before and after exercise to loosen the muscles and gain the full benefits on offer. In our video guide, we show you how to use a vibrating foam roller on your glute muscles. By sitting on the long roller and crossing one leg over the other, it’s possible to apply pressure to both glutes while supporting the body with your arms placed behind the roller. Watch the Pulseroll in action now. Also find this post on our Google+ profile.

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