Vibrating Foam Roller Ball for the Soleus Muscles

Vibrating Foam Roller Ball for the Soleus Muscles - Pulseroll
Located in the lower part of each calf, the soleus muscle is used for flexion of the ankle joint, pushing the feet off the ground. Therefore, they’re vital muscles used for activities such as walking, dancing, standing up and running. Tightness in the calves is a common complaint after exercise, with the connective tissue shortening and thickening around the muscle. Not only is this uncomfortable to experience but can cause trigger points. One of the best ways to target these stubborn nodules is to use a vibrating peanut ball called a Pulseball. The peanut-shape of this foam roller makes it ideal for targeting areas which need a deeper massage. By angling the roller correctly, you can effectively soften the muscle tissue and enhance blood flow to the area, flushing away lactic acid. In our video guide, we show you the correct positioning and technique to foam roll your soleus muscles, using your arms to control and support the movements required while using the other leg to apply pressure. Watch the Pulseball in action now. Also find this post on our Google+ profile.