The ultimate guide to foam rolling for runners

The ultimate guide to foam rolling for runners - Pulseroll

Whether you’re a serious athlete or you just enjoy running as a hobby, it is important to look after your body and muscle recovery should be an important part of your training routine. Just think about it; in order to keep running to your best ability, you need to invest in a decent and effective muscle recovery routine.

Foam rolling for runners is proven to be extremely effective and so investing in a foam roller could be exactly what you need!

Is foam rolling good for runners?

foam rolling hamstrings

Foam rolling for runners can be used for two different reasons, it is the perfect way to warm up or cool down the muscles before and after a run. Foam rolling works by increasing blood flow to the muscles which eases soreness and aids in preventing injury.

The muscles in the leg are really pushed to the limit as a runner. Using a foam roller on the various leg muscles will keep your legs in their best working order, so you’re back up and running without any delays to your training routine.

How often should a runner foam roll?

You can use a foam roller everyday on various muscle groups. But be careful not to over-do it! You should aim to foam roller for a maximum of 6 minutes on each area as this is more than enough to get the desired effect. Remember to leave enough rest time in between each time you foam roll.

Is it better to foam roll before or after a workout?

You can use it before a workout to warm up the muscles and/or after to cool down and stretch out.

Before exercise, foam rolling can increase circulation and range of motion. This can help your muscles to loosen up and move better during exercise. Alternatively, foam rolling after exercise enhances muscle recovery, so make sure to focus more on the areas that feel problematic.

It is important to bear in mind that you should feel some pain in the muscle while foam rolling but this shouldn’t be agonising! You’ll learn to know the difference between good muscle pain and bad pain.

How do you foam roll before a run?

foam rolling calves

You can use the foam roller the same way on all muscles in the leg.

Calves, hamstrings and glutes:

  • Sit down and straighten both legs in front of you
  • Place the roller under whichever muscle in the leg you want to target
  • Apply pressure and gently roll back and forth
  • With a longer roller you can place both legs on the roller at the same time.


  • Lay on your front with both legs stretched out behind
  • Place the roller under the quads
  • Apply pressure and gently roll back and forth.

Foam rolling for runners

The foam roller is a helpful companion to runners everywhere. Not only can it be used to aid muscle recovery but it is a great way to warm up before a run. Foam rolling can help prevent repetitive stress injuries that could disrupt training and can work to increase your strength and stability when training.

Choosing the right kind of foam roller for you can be a difficult task but it is always worth shopping around and seeing what the best fit is for you and your body. Choosing a vibrating foam roller can be a great investment for your muscles as the vibrations allow you to target areas where you may feel pain but can't reach using a regular foam roller.

If you’re looking for the best foam roller for runners, Pulseroll is the best fit for you.